Patriot War of 1837

The Canadian Rebellion

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Extracted in part from the L. N. Fuller articles dated 1923
Copyright 1923, Watertown Daily Times

This account of the Patriot War is devoted most particularly to the part that Northern New York played in it. It will seek to recount those stirring incidents of 1837-38, when Hunters' Lodges were formed in nearly every village in Northern New York.

It will tell of the stirring times along the border, the intense excitement that prevailed all of which culminated in that futile expedition which ended with the Battle of the Windmill. It will follow those Jefferson and St. Lawrence county boys, many of whom never before had been beyond the confines of their own county.

It will follow them to the other side of the world to Van Dieman's Land where they were transported; it will follow those few unfortunates who died on the gallows at Fort Henry in Kingston, martyrs to the cause of liberty.

The information, which is contained in this account, was obtained from many sources. None of the survivors of that stirring time lives today. But the sons and grandsons are living and they have told the story as theirs told it to them. The Franklin B. Hough History of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties has been drawn on. The Times has obtained a number of books from the Congressional Library at Washington, which contained accounts written from the patriot as well as the loyalist point of view. One person, who was alive and remembers the battle at the Windmill, though a little girl at the time, has been interviewed. Newspaper clippings, which have been preserved for many years, have been drawn on. Books, long out of print, have been loaned to The Times and have contained much valuable information. Perhaps the most valuable source of information has been the files of The Jeffersonian, a weekly paper published in Watertown during that period. These volumes, the property of the Jefferson County Historical Society, were found in the basement of the Flower library.