Site News and Updates 2012

Mid-December 2012 Update

Photos taken this summer in Fairview Cemetery, Town of Rodman have been reviewed and updates posted.

Photo numbers for Pinckney Cemetery, Town of Pinckney have been corrected. There was a mismatch with the first 100 photo numbers.

Lot numbers are slowly being added to burials in Brookside Cemetery, Town of Watertown. Eventually we hope to be able to display all the burials associated with each lot.

The Links page has been updated to reflect additions for municipalities that now have web sites and the removal of broken links.

We are transitioning the maps displayed in Cemetery Descriptions to a new map service. It appears that it is working correctly; however, if you encounter problems with the maps please let us know.

November/December 2012 Update

A full photographic inventory of South Rutland Cemetery (Tylerville) was completed in early November. This inventory resulted in the identification of 506 burials/inscriptions of the 563 reportedly located in the cemetery. Records for this cemetery have been updated.

The inventory of Sunnyside Cemetery, Town of Champion is essentially complete. We currently have 1,232 photos of inscription/gravestones of the reported 1,390 burials. In addition to inscription information, burial records for this cemetery now include section and row, which the cemetery refers to as tier.

Section Y of Brookside Cemetery, Town of Watertown was reinventoried to verify Lot information and to resolve issues with the total number of burials in the section.

Updates have been posted reflecting the results of these inventories.

September 2012 Update

Our efforts this summer were concentrated in two areas: locating and photographing stones of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veterans; and, working on sections in larger cemeteries that we had not previously inventoried/photographed. Most of the photographs have not been read as this is a winter project.

We are deeply indebted to the Sunnyside Cemetery Association for allowing us access to their cemetery records. Armed with section/lot information, we spent a considerable amount of time photographing gravestones in Sunnyside Cemetery. Approximately 75% of the cemetery has been inventoried and we fully expect to have it completed before the first snow fall.

Numerous changes are being made to the site to reflect our increased emphasis on identifying the graves of veterans. Our intent is to provide listings for each of the major conflicts. We know that these changes have caused some issues with the site; however, we believe most of those have been corrected.

The following is a list of those cemeteries that we visited this summer. As mentioned above, most of the photos have not been read. The site is being updated to reflect changes as we work through the photo sets.

January 2012 Updates

Most of the military files are under review and are being restructured. With the anniversaries of the War of 1812 and the Civil War upon us, we felt it was time to expand our offerings in those areas. With this update, separate listings are now available for the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and the Patriot War of 1837. Military conflicts are now grouped under a Military menu option.

Revolutionary War Veterans

This listing includes both those veterans whose burial sites have been identified, as well as, those who died in Jefferson County, but whose grave site has not been located. We are indebted to the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR for their assistance in making this listing possible.

Civil War Veterans

Civil War Veterans: The Civil War soldier listing is being reformatted and expanded. The Civil War section has been expanded to include Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Posts for Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties.