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October 2014

Brookside Cemetery, Town of Watertown: Section 9 - fully inventoried and results have been posted. A partial inventory of Section 8 was conducted in search of gravestones of veterans and updates have been posted.

Evans Mills (New), Town of Leray: A small portion of the cemetery was photographed and the site now reflects updates from that visit.

World War I Veterans:  The collection now contains the names of nearly 3,500 individuals associated with Jefferson County that served during the conflict. Photographs of 437 gravestones are now available on the site.

September 2014

We've been remiss in not updating the News more frequently. Many of the collections have been updated both from the work accomplished last summer along with the results this year’s efforts. We still have a significant number of photos to review, which should be occur over the snow months. Additions have been added to Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Veterans.

With this update WW I veterans have been added to the Military listing. This collection, based on Jefferson County in the World War compiled by George W. Reeves, includes those veterans identified in his compilation and burials identified by either gravestones or cemetery records. Scanned images from the source book are online and can be viewed from the veteran's details page. Gravestone photos are slowly been posted online with approximately 100 of the roughly 500 available with this update.

December 29, 2013

We continue to work on gravestone photos taken last summer; however, we are way behind as Mother Nature has not been kind. Most of the photos that haven't been reviewed are from Lewis County. Hopefully a break in the weather will permit more work on photos than cleaning snow and ice.

Transcription of Civil War Pensioners from the 1883 Pension is complete for Jefferson County. There are some pensioners that we have not been able to verify service. Mainly those are where the parent(s) were drawing the pension for a deceased family member. Lewis County should be completed by the end of January.

Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veteran lists are still being reviewed and updated.

October 23, 2013

A new collection has been added - Military Pensions. This collection is a combination of the 1835 Pension List, 1841 Pension Census, and the 1885 Pension List (1812 pensioners only) for Jefferson and Lewis Counties. Where possible the details for each individual includes Conflict (e.g. Revolutionary War, War of 1812), burial information and spouse. At this time burial information is limited to those individuals buried in Jefferson County.

September 23, 2013

The site is now on a different server, which we believe will resolve many of the site's issues. It appears the collections are functioning correctly, although it's possible that some "bugs" still remain. If you encounter an error, please let us know so that we can get it resolved.

In conjunction with the move, a number of collections were updated. The most significant update was to the Revolutionary War veterans collection with the addition of a number of veterans that were previously not identified. Once we're comfortable that the move to a new server hasn't introduced any errors, two new collections will be added: 1) Military Pensions (1835) and 2) Military Pensioners 1841. Both collections are limited to Jefferson County and where appropriate are tied to veteran burials.

August 19, 2013

Two new collections have been added: Congregational Church of Henderson and Congregational Church of Rodman.

The Congregational Church of Henderson covers the period from the time of its formation in 1810 until it merged with the Church in Smithville. Baptisms have been incorporated into the Baptism Collection.

Records for the Congregational Church of Rodman are derived from a consolidated members list which was reportedly transcribed from the original church records. Records in this collection span the period 1805 – until shortly after 1880. Information in the source document is rather sparse, but it does provide a unique view on the residents of Rodman during the 1800s.

As mentioned above, the Baptism Collection has been updated with the inclusion of information from the Congregation Church in Henderson records.

The Death Record Collection was updated with the inclusion of deaths for 1938.

The Union Academy of Belleville has been refreshed. Some errors/omissions where corrected.

August 5, 2013

Two new Collections have been added to the site. Both collections deal with land records in the early 1800s and were derived from documents housed in the archives of the Jefferson County Historical Society.

Henderson Land Contracts are transcriptions of documents that belonged to Ethel Bronson and are statements sent to his brother Isaac Bronson. Isaac Bronson purchased a significant portion of the Town of Henderson from William Henderson in 1807. The statements in the Collection cover land contracts from 1803 to 1825.

Ellisburg Land Bonds was derived from a ledger belonging to Benjamin Wright which contained information on bonds on land in the Town of Ellisburg. The recorded bonds and associated transactions cover the period 1814 to 1823.

Updates were posted to the Revolutionary War Veterans file. Most of the additions are of Revolutionary Veterans known to have died in Jefferson County, but whose burial location is unknown.

Updates on burials were posted to the following cemeteries:

Black River Cemetery, Town of Leray
Carpenter Cemetery, Town of Henderson
St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery (New), Town of Cape Vincent
Oakwood Cemetery, Town of Theresa
Union Cemetery (Adams Center), Town of Adams

July 2013

A new collection has been added to the site - Military Patents (Land Grants) from late 1792. With this addition, a new Collection Group has been added - Land Records - to provide a more logical grouping of land ownership related collections.

Work continues on Union Cemetery (Adams Union) located in Adams Center. Most of the sections are now complete except for Section A, which is the oldest portion of the cemetery. Burials for this cemetery now include both Section and Lot.

Significant updates have been posted to the Revolutionary War vets collection. The local chapter of the DAR has been extremely helpful in identifying Revolutionary War vets buried in Jefferson County.

May 2013

Our sincere thanks to the Adams Union Cemetery Association for providing a complete list of the 3,340 burials contained in their records for the Union Cemetery located in Adams Center. Their information has been included in the Burials database. Entries for Union Cemetery now displays Section information and as soon as a planned restructuring of the Burials database is finished, the entries will also include Lot Numbers. 

Most of the photos taken during 2012 have been read. Updates have been posted to the burial records to reflect all changes. We still have a number of photos from cemeteries in Lewis County that have not been posted as we are still working on cemetery descriptions and accurate locations. We have been able to obtain prior readings for some of the Lewis County cemeteries, which should speed up our being able to include them on the site.

Thanks to the relatively mild winter, we've been able to get back into cemeteries early than normal. Since the first of the year, we've visited Brookside Cemetery (Town of Watertown), Brewster Cemetery (Town of Ellisburg) and Ingerson Cemetery (Town of Brownville).

Brookside Cemetery: Section 1883G was fully inventoried. Burials have been tied to specific lots, which are now being included in the listings. We discovered a number of errors where the burials and lots were listed in Section 1883F, which has been corrected.

Ingerson Cemetery (also know as Ingalls-Ingerson Cemetery): The last time we were in this cemetery was in 2006 when we photographed all of the stones. This visit was mainly to determine the current condition of the stones. The cemetery is still in extremely good condition with little damage since our previous visit. It appears that some work has been done and a new sign has been erected. Updates will be posted as we review the photos.

Brewster Cemetery: Our previous visit to this cemetery was brief and only a portion of the stones were photographed. The cemetery has now been fully inventoried and we have photos for 161 of the 168 reported burials. Overall the cemetery is in good condition with most of the stones fully readable. Updates have been posted.