Military Land Patents
New York State

Patentee Surnames beginning with the letter W

Number of records: 147

Military Land Patentees
SurnameGivenRankAcresDelivered ToRemarks
WaddleWilliam 500Evander Childs 

WaggermanEmanuel 600William J Vredenburgh 

WaggonmanGeorge 600John Quackenboss 

WakaranthrawJamesCapt1800Michael Connolly 

WalchJohn 500William DeWitt 

WalesTimothy 500Robert Affleck 

WalkerBenjaminLieut Col2700himself 

WalkerEdward 600Benjamin Elwood 

WalkerJohn 500Anthony Maxwell 

WalkerJustus 500Augustus Sacket 

WalkerMatthias 600John Thompson 

WalkerSamuel 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

WallPatrick 500Robert Wilson 

WallaceWilliam 600John Lawrance 

WallerJacob 600himself 

WallerMartin 600Simon Veeder 

WalliserChristian 600himself 

WaltonJohn 600Melaneton smith 

WandleJacob 500Augustus Sacket 

WardAbijah 500John Blanchard 

WardJohn 600Samuel Stringer's order 

WardRobert 600Samuel Broome 

WardZadock 500John Brown's order 

WarnerThomasLieut1000Richard Platt 

WarnerThomas 500Shadrach Mead 

WarrenWilliam 500Richard Warren 

WarringBenjamin 500Solomon Sutherland 

WassellsHercules 600James Abeel for William Duer 

WatermanHenry 500William J Vredenburgh for Joseph Bindon 

WatkinsBenjamin 600not yet delivered 

WatsonJoseph 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

WatsonLevi 500Lewis Barton 

WayJohn 500Joseph Tinker 

WeaverAdam 600James Abeel 

WeaverDavid 600William Cockburn for Thomas Tillotson 

WeaverGeorge 600John Dill 

WeaverJohn 600himself 

WebbAmos 600James Hillhouse 

WebbGideon 600James Wadsworth 

WebbJohn 600himself 

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Document Availability

For copies of individual pages in this document, contact the Jefferson County Historical Society and cite Document Accession Number: 1961-940: "List of the Names of Persons to Whom MILITARY PATENTS have issued out of the SECRETARY's OFFICE and To Whom DELIVERED", published by Order of the Legislature and printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, printers to the state -1793-".

Additional information on New York Military Land Patents is available from the New York State Archives.