Military Land Patents
New York State

Patentee Surnames beginning with the letter V

Number of records: 57

Military Land Patentees
SurnameGivenRankAcresDelivered ToRemarks
VacherJohn FSurgeon1900himself 

VallanceWilliam 500Robert Wilson 

VanAmburghAbraham 600George Gardner for James Hunter 

VanAttaJohn 600Jasper Hopper for Hezekiah Broadwell 

VanAtterJoseph 600Moses DeWitt 

VanBlaricumJames 600Alexander Thompson for R Platt 

VanBunhagleJohn B C 600William J Vredenburgh 

VanBunschotenEliasCapt1800John Lawrance and Isaac Brooks 

VanBunschotenPeterLieut1200Michael Connolly 


VandavourJohn 500Ebenezer Hills 

VandeMarken 600John Dill 

VandenBogartNicholas 600William Gordon for John McMillan 

VanderheydenNanningLieut1000Garret VanSchoonoven 

VanderweiskenJames 600Michael Connolly 

VanduburghHenryCapt1800Nicholas Fish 

VanDusenAbraham 600Hugh Boyd for Henry Tremper 

VanDyckCorneliusLt Col2700himself 

VanDyckJohnCapt Lieut1200himself 

VanDyckPeter 500Thomas Shaw 

VanEvernMartin 600Ebenezer Foote 

VaneyVincent 600John Vernor per order of John Thompson 

VanGelderJacob 500John Williams 

VanGelderMatthew 600Michael Connolly 

VanHoosenGarret 600William Campbell 

VanHornJohn 600Martin Hoffman for Isaac Paris' ex'rs 


VanIngenDirckPhys etc2250himselfin the late General Hospital

VanKleeckHenry 600Theodosius Fowler 

VanKleeckPeterSerj500his widow 

VanKlieffLawrance 600William J Vredenburgh 

VanNorthJohn 600Andrew Stockholm 

VanNossCornelius 600Michael Connolly 

VanNoteCharles 500Moses Wells 

VanOrdenAlbert 600Cooper for Samuel Currie 



VanSchaickGooseCol3000John Outhoudt 

VanSiceJohn 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

VanSlyckMartin 600Benjamin Elwood 

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Document Availability

For copies of individual pages in this document, contact the Jefferson County Historical Society and cite Document Accession Number: 1961-940: "List of the Names of Persons to Whom MILITARY PATENTS have issued out of the SECRETARY's OFFICE and To Whom DELIVERED", published by Order of the Legislature and printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, printers to the state -1793-".

Additional information on New York Military Land Patents is available from the New York State Archives.