Military Land Patents
New York State

Patentee Surnames beginning with the letter P

Number of records: 100

Military Land Patentees
SurnameGivenRankAcresDelivered ToRemarks
PadderJohn 600John Lawrance 

PadrickJohn 500James Abeel 

PainterEdward 600William Shepherd 

PalmetierIsaac 500not yet delivered 

PalmetierJoseph 500Hendrick A Vrooman 

PalmetierWilliam 500not yet delivered 

PalmoreJonathan 600himself 

PangburnJohn 600Michael Connolly 

PangburnWilliam 500himself 

ParkerEbenezer 500isaac Trowbridge 

ParkerEdmund 600Samuel Thatcher for Jonas Prentice 

ParkerElisha 600Cornelius VanDyck's order 

ParkerJackson 600David Quinton 

ParkerJames 600Alexander Alexander 

ParkerRichard J 600John Warren 

ParksJohn 600Alexander Thompson 

ParksWalter 500William J Vredenburgh 

ParrMatthias 600Joseph Smith 

ParrasAnthony 600Simon Veeder 

ParsonsCharlesCapt1800David Noble 

ParsonsJohn 500henry Platner for A Maxwell 

ParsonsSamuel 600Michael Connolly 

PastorJohn 600William J Vredenburgh 

PattersonHezekiah 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

PattersonJames 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

PattersonJames 500Thomas Duncan for Thomas Ellison 

PattersonJohn 600John McLean for Mr Telford 

PattersonJonathan 600himself 

PattersonWilliam 500John Blanchard 

PattersonWilliam 500John Blanchard 

PaulArthur 600John D Coe 

PaulsonMichael 500John DeWitt for William DeWitt 

PeacockHughLieut1200Andrew Brown 

PearseJohn 500James Lowry 

PeckBenjamin 600himself 

PeckhielLieut1200Michael Connolly for Henry Williams 

PeckJohn 600John Quackenboss 

PeckWilliam 500Stephen N Bayard 

PeetJohn 500Edmund Mead 

PellSamuel TCapt1800Philip Pell 

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Document Availability

For copies of individual pages in this document, contact the Jefferson County Historical Society and cite Document Accession Number: 1961-940: "List of the Names of Persons to Whom MILITARY PATENTS have issued out of the SECRETARY's OFFICE and To Whom DELIVERED", published by Order of the Legislature and printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, printers to the state -1793-".

Additional information on New York Military Land Patents is available from the New York State Archives.