Military Land Patents
New York State

Patentee Surnames beginning with the letter D

Number of records: 112

Military Land Patentees
SurnameGivenRankAcresDelivered ToRemarks
DaileyRobert 500James B Clarke 

DaltonFrederick 600James Talmadge 

DanfordPrince 600Caleb Dill 

DanielsHenry 600John Vernor per order of J Thompson 

DanielsonIsaac 500John DeWitt 

DarbyCharles 500Andrew Stockholm 

DarlingEphraim 600John Warren 

DarlingMoses 500Martin Hoffman for Glen and Bleecker 

DavidsonJohn 600William Ely 

DavisChapman 600James Abeel 

DavisDaniel 600Richardson Ryan 

DavisDavid 500Abraham Nielson 

DavisHenry 600William Jackson for Israel Rogers 

DavisJacob 500John Cantine for Jacobus S Davis 

DavisJohn 500Patrick Shay 

DavisJoshua 600John Howell 

DavisPatrick 600William jackson for Israel Rogers 

DavisPeter 600William Jackson for Israel Rogers 

DavisRichard 600himself 

DavisRichard 600William Jackson for Israel Rogers 

DavisSamuel 600William Jackson for Israel Rogers 

DawsonDaniel 600Samuel B Webb 

DayJohn 500Lynde and Rogers 

DaytonBennet 600Isaac Gould 

DaytonFrederick 500John O'Connor 

DaytonSamuel 500John Dayton 

DaytonSamuel 500James Abeel for Tuttle Sweesy 

DeamondWilliam 600Cornelius C Elmendorph 

DeanAshbel 500Timothy Benedict 

DeanBenjamin 500John W Watkins 

DeanJames 500Augustus Sacket 

DeanJohn 600William Jackson 

DeanSamuel 600himself 

DeaneIsaac 500Martin O'Reilly 

DeckerChristopher 600William DePeyster 

DeckerJohn 500Peter B Ten Broeck 

DeckerMichael 500Cornelius C Elmendorph 

DeClarkAbraham 600William Sloe 

DeGroteJohn 600William Cummings 

DelamaterJohn 600Platt Rogers 

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Document Availability

For copies of individual pages in this document, contact the Jefferson County Historical Society and cite Document Accession Number: 1961-940: "List of the Names of Persons to Whom MILITARY PATENTS have issued out of the SECRETARY's OFFICE and To Whom DELIVERED", published by Order of the Legislature and printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, printers to the state -1793-".

Additional information on New York Military Land Patents is available from the New York State Archives.