Military Land Patents
New York State

Patentee Surnames beginning with the letter A

Number of records: 50

Military Land Patentees
SurnameGivenRankAcresDelivered ToRemarks
AbbySamuelSerg500not yet delivered 

AbleJohn 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

AckerConradt 600Theodosius Fowler 

AckermanWilliam 600William Cummins 

AckersonBenjamin 500William Gilliland 

AcklerJohn 600Nicholas Fish 

AckleyJacob 600David Crosby Jr 

AckleyJoel 600John N Bleecker 

AcklingFrancis 600Garret H VanWagenen 

AdamsEmanuel 500Joseph Yates 

AdamsJames 600John Lawrence 

AdamsJames 500Alexander Thompson Jr 

AdamsPeleg 600Augustus Sacket for Asa Bullard 

AdamsWilliam 500himself 

AdamyHenry 600John Mahon 


AkerisJames 500Icabod Rogers 

AlbrightJacob 600John Lawrence 

AlbrightJohn 600himself 

AlkyserGeorge 600Isaac Stoutenburgh Jr 

AllenAmassey 500Elijah Austin 

AllenGeorge 600William Campbell 

AllenJohn 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 

AllingIcabod 600Jonas Prentice's order 

AllingJohn 600Martin Hoffman for Isaac Paris Esq 

AlportJohn 600John Lawrence 

AlvoidThomas G 500Isaac Trowbridge 

AlvoidThomas G 500Isaac Trowbridge 

AmmermanCornelius 500Zadoc Rhodes for Abraham King 

AmmermanJames 500Augustus Sacket 

AndersonAlexander 500himself 

AndersonJohn 500John Blanchard 

AndersonSamuel 600Jeremiah VanRensselaer 


AnthoneyFrancis 500Michael Connolly 

AnthonyJohn 600Richard Platt 

AnthonyPeter 600Benjamin Elwood 


ArmstrongAdam 600John Mahon 

ArmstrongArchibald 600Moses Foote 

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Document Availability

For copies of individual pages in this document, contact the Jefferson County Historical Society and cite Document Accession Number: 1961-940: "List of the Names of Persons to Whom MILITARY PATENTS have issued out of the SECRETARY's OFFICE and To Whom DELIVERED", published by Order of the Legislature and printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, printers to the state -1793-".

Additional information on New York Military Land Patents is available from the New York State Archives.