Isaac Cornwell Grave Marker

Revolutionary War Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

Although Jefferson County, NY was not established until well after the Revolutionary War, veterans of the war were instrumental in the settling of the county. Our intent is to document the final resting place of those patriotic veterans who helped carve the county out of the wilderness.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question. A "yes" under DAR is not verification of service, but it does indicate that a membership application has been processed by the DAR.

NSDARWe are indebted to the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR without whose support the identification of the graves of those individuals who served in the Revolutionary War would have been lost forever.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR.

384 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Ancestor Nr.
---Walts, Conrad  1846?Burial Location Unknown
YesWarriner, Israel 1743181067yUnion CemeteryAdams
---Washburn, Moses 17491830Burial Location Unknown
YesWeaver, Jabez 17561823Sand Hill CemeteryWilna
---Weaver, Jacob  185394yRural CemeteryAdams
YesWebb, William  182466yPerch River CemetryBrownville
YesWells, Peter 17601817Burial Location Unknown
YesWells, Randall 17471800?Burial Location Unknown
YesWestcott, Gardiner 17441808Burial Location Unknown
YesWheeler, Lemuel 17571832Burial Location Unknown
YesWhitcomb, Joshua  183870y6mSaint Lawrence Union CemeteryCape Vincent
YesWhite, Godfrey  185291y6m11dGreen Settlement CemeteryAdams
---White, Oliver  183475yGreen Settlement CemeteryAdams
YesWhite, Simeon  182075yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
YesWhitney, John 17471831Burial Location Unknown
YesWhittier, David  1815?2y3mCarpenter CemeteryHenderson
---Whorry, Daniel 17641842Burial Location Unknown
YesWilder, Jotham 17581825Muskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
YesWilson, Isaac  184289yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
YesWilson, John G 185588yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
YesWood, Jacob 17491828Woodville CemeteryEllisburg
YesWood, Nathaniel  181586yWoodville CemeteryEllisburg
YesWood, Samuel 17651853Burial Location Unknown
YesWoodin, Darius 17571846Burial Location Unknown
YesWoodruff, Jonah 17501823?Brookside CemeteryWatertown
---Woodward, Thomas  180545yEllisburg CemeteryEllisburg
YesWorden, Thomas  185495y4m9dPierrepont Manor CemeteryEllisburg
YesWright, Carmi  1832?79y?Rural CemeteryAdams
---Wright, Ephraim 1765185187yAdams State Road CemeteryAdams
YesWright, Freedom 17491824Burial Location Unknown
YesWright, Jesse  182771yIsham CemeteryRodman
---Wright, Moses  183070yRural CemeteryAdams
YesWright, Phineas 17511829Burial Location Unknown
YesWright, Westwood C 182675yRural CemeteryAdams

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