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War of 1812 Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

This is the initial installment of War of 1812 burials in Jefferson County. Estimates on the number of 1812 veterans buried in the county range from 1,400 to nearly 2,000. So we still have a significant amount of work to accomplish.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question.

US Daughter of 1812Proudly Supporting the United States Daughters of 1812.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact one of the local chapters of the United States Daughters of 1812.

1087 War of 1812 Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Wilson, Jacob  186472y8m8dEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Wilson, Reuben  186471yLakeside CemeteryHounsfield
Wilson, Samuel  183758yRutland Hollow CemeteryRutland
Winslow, William M 185261y11m21dIsham CemeteryRodman
Wiswell, Phineas  183453yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Witherell, Elijah  184563y1m1dOld Town CemeteryAntwerp
Wolcott, Sylvanus  188084yFairview CemeteryRodman
Wood, Amos E17871863Woodville CemeteryEllisburg
Wood, James 17791863Woodville CemeteryEllisburg
Wood, John  184873y9mHillside CemeteryChampion
Wood, Mason  185772ySmithville CemeteryHenderson
Wood, Mosley  183766yWoodville CemeteryEllisburg
Wood, William  182463yWoodville CemeteryEllisburg
Wood, William 17821874Woodville CemeteryEllisburg
Woodard, Charles 17931875Hillside CemeteryChampion
Woodruff, Benjamin  186082yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Woodruff, Frederick 17881855Brookside CemeteryWatertown
Woodruff, Norris M 185764yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Woodruff, Simeon  185380yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Woods, John  186973yLakeside CemeteryHounsfield
Woodward, Bildad 17931877Hillside CemeteryAntwerp
Woodward, Ebenezer 17871874Sunnyside CemeteryChampion
Woodward, Elias  61y10m13dHuntington Rural CemeteryWatertown
Woodward, James M 185982y8mRutland Hollow CemeteryRutland
Woodward, Milton  187185yAdams State Road CemeteryAdams
Worden, Ezra  187984y8mBlack River CemeteryRutland
Worden, Joseph  187788y3m3dBlack River CemeteryRutland
Worden, Thomas  185495y4m9dPierrepont Manor CemeteryEllisburg
Wright, Benjamin 1784?1861?Elmwood CemeteryAdams
Wright, Eli 17841878Rural CemeteryAdams
Wright, Elijah 17811866Rural CemeteryAdams
Wright, Henry  187286y3dRural CemeteryAdams
Wright, Matthew 17941883Lakeside CemeteryHounsfield
Wright, Oliver 17861851Depauville CemeteryClayton
Wright, Seth  186681yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Young, David  187483yOrleans CemeteryOrleans
Young, William I 187983y6mEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay

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