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War of 1812 Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

This is the initial installment of War of 1812 burials in Jefferson County. Estimates on the number of 1812 veterans buried in the county range from 1,400 to nearly 2,000. So we still have a significant amount of work to accomplish.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question.

US Daughter of 1812Proudly Supporting the United States Daughters of 1812.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact one of the local chapters of the United States Daughters of 1812.

1087 War of 1812 Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Baker, Thomas 17961892Brookside CemeteryWatertown
Baker, Thomas  184153yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Baldwin, Leonard  184955ySherwin Bay CemeteryBrownville
Ball, Elihu  187186yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Ball, Sinecy 17911877Oakwood CemeteryTheresa
Banister, Osmond  186276ySandy Lawn CemeteryPamelia
Banks, Ira  185666yNorth Watertown CemeteryWatertown (City)
Barnard, Edward 17901850?Adams State Road CemeteryAdams
Barnes, Asa  185069y1m17dEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Barnes, Asa  186670yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Barnes, Enoch  187785y7mSulphur Springs CemeteryHounsfield
Barnes, Orin 17931881Brookside CemeteryAlexandria
Barney, Eliakim  185264y8m22dBigelow CemeteryEllisburg
Barney, John  186991yWoodside CemeteryEllisburg
Barney, William  186182yWoodside CemeteryEllisburg
Barr, Elisha  186469y9m5dHillside CemeteryChampion
Barraclough, Thomas  186064y2m7dSaint Lawrence Union CemeteryCape Vincent
Barrett, Archibald 1796189094y7mAdams State Road CemeteryAdams
Barrett, Chester  186773yEvergreen CemeteryHenderson
Barrett, Willard 17971888Evans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Barrie, Charles  184771yCarpenter CemeteryHenderson
Barrows, Orran  1858?77y10m?Grove CemeteryOrleans
Bartholomew, Augustin  182538yBrownville CemeteryBrownville
Bartholomew, Oliver  185092y8mBrownville CemeteryBrownville
Bassett, Barachiah  185977yBrookside CemeteryAlexandria
Bassett, Titus  186786yRural CemeteryAdams
Batcheller, Oliver  187992yWoodville CemeteryEllisburg
Bates, Samuel 1773?1813?Burial Location Unknown
Bates, Simeon 1791?1883?Burial Location Unknown
Bauder, Michael M 186070yBrookside CemeteryAlexandria
Bauter, Frederick  1863?73yOmar CemeteryAlexandria
Baxter, Roswell 1787Perch River CemetryBrownville
Beardsley, Chauncey 1796?1865?Burial Location Unknown
Becker, Henry 17791850Chaufty CemeteryTheresa
Beebe, Fortanatus  185275yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Bell, Thomas  186284yLakeside CemeteryHounsfield
Benjamin, Jesse  184459yMuskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
Benjamin, Jonas  185770y3mSmithville CemeteryHenderson
Benton, W H Rural CemeteryAdams
Bettinger, George  184966yBrewster CemeteryEllisburg
Bigelow, Jotham  186076yBigelow CemeteryEllisburg
Bingham, Hiram  187680yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Bishop, Calvin  1850?68y?Bishop CemeteryHenderson
Bishop, Coonrod  182653yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Bishop, Zebina  186784y5mKinne CemeteryAntwerp
Black, Independa  185672yPoint Salubrious CemeteryLyme
Blodget, Aaron  18?5Sulphur Springs CemeteryHounsfield
Blodget, Almond  185870y10m10dPoint Salubrious CemeteryLyme
Blodget, Truman  186576yPoint Salubrious CemeteryLyme
Blodgett, Lyman  187288ySandy Lawn CemeteryPamelia

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