Isaac Cornwell Grave Marker

Revolutionary War Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

Although Jefferson County, NY was not established until well after the Revolutionary War, veterans of the war were instrumental in the settling of the county. Our intent is to document the final resting place of those patriotic veterans who helped carve the county out of the wilderness.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question. A "yes" under DAR is not verification of service, but it does indicate that a membership application has been processed by the DAR.

NSDARWe are indebted to the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR without whose support the identification of the graves of those individuals who served in the Revolutionary War would have been lost forever.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR.

384 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Ancestor Nr.
YesCleaveland, Solomon  184390ySand Hill CemeteryWilna
YesCleveland, Isaac  183883yArsenal Street CemeteryWatertown (City)
YesCobb, John 17561820?Burial Location Unknown
YesCole, Benjamin 1751?1839?Burial Location Unknown
---Collins, William  185090y10m28dStone Mills CemeteryOrleans
---Colman, Jesse  185188yFairview CemeteryRodman
YesConverse, Thomas 17381809Burial Location Unknown
---Cook, Charles  185591yRices Corners CemeteryAdams
YesCook, Miles  184681y24dKinne CemeteryAntwerp
---Cook, William  184386yFairview CemeteryRodman
YesCorey, Benedict 1749?1832Burial Location Unknown
YesCornwell, Isaac 17501837Old Theresa CemeteryTheresa
---Cowan, Jonathan  184080yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
YesCrabb, John 17531820?Burial Location Unknown
---Cramer, Jacob  183373y6m13dNorth Watertown CemeteryWatertown (City)
YesCrandall, Abel  182670yHillside CemeteryChampion
YesCrary, Joseph 17581810Burial Location Unknown
YesCrittenton, Jason  181352yCarpenter CemeteryHenderson
YesCrook, Joseph  183577y?Hillside CemeteryChampion
YesDavis, Jesse 17581830Burial Location Unknown
---Davis, Jonathan  183572yAdams State Road CemeteryAdams
YesDeCastorer, John 17481835Giddingsville CemeteryEllisburg
YesDelano, Thomas  183575yHuntington Rural CemeteryWatertown
YesDewey, Barzillai 17611841Patrick CemeteryAdams
YesDingman, Geradus 17641842Burial Location Unknown
YesDixon, Curtis 17521835Burial Location Unknown
YesDoane, Ephraim  182874y?Woodville CemeteryEllisburg
---Dobson, Thomas  182477yCarpenter CemeteryHenderson
---Dodd, Ebenezer  183681yArsenal Street CemeteryWatertown (City)
---Dodge, Joel  184382y7mEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
YesDoolittle, Joel  181360yEllisburg CemeteryEllisburg
YesDorchester, Alexander 1758?182365y?Muskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
YesDoty, Danforth  184175yAdams State Road CemeteryAdams
YesDoxtater, Peter  1843?92yRural CemeteryAdams
YesDunton, Thomas  183280ySanford Corners CemeteryLeRay
---Dwight, Alpheus 1760184686yElmwood CemeteryAdams
---Earle, Artemus  183978y2m?Taylor CemeteryBrownville
---Eaton, Samuel  183883yGiddingsville CemeteryEllisburg
---Eddy, Bryant 17601843Burial Location Unknown
---Eddy, Enoch  184881y2m14dEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
YesEggleston, Asa  184077y5m20dKinne CemeteryAntwerp
YesEllis, Caleb  181358y8m1dEllisburg CemeteryEllisburg
YesEllis, John 1754182773yRutland Hollow CemeteryRutland
---Ellis, Lyman 1759184787yEllisburg CemeteryEllisburg
YesEvans, Eldad  183586yKelsey Bridge CemeteryTheresa
---Evans, John  183677yEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
YesEvans, Samuel 1754?1825Quaker CemeteryPhiladelphia
---Evans Esq, Urial 1750182573yKelsey Bridge CemeteryTheresa
YesEverett, Eliphalet  181557yBrownville CemeteryBrownville
YesFailing, John D 183883yParish CemeteryPamelia

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