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War of 1812 Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

This is the initial installment of War of 1812 burials in Jefferson County. Estimates on the number of 1812 veterans buried in the county range from 1,400 to nearly 2,000. So we still have a significant amount of work to accomplish.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question.

US Daughter of 1812Proudly Supporting the United States Daughters of 1812.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact one of the local chapters of the United States Daughters of 1812.

1087 War of 1812 Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Ackerman, Asa  186570y9m27dSherwin Bay CemeteryBrownville
Ackerman, John  185566y2m8dSherwin Bay CemeteryBrownville
Ackerman, Lyman  186174yLuther Hill CemeteryBrownville
Adams, Daniel 1778187192yFairview CemeteryRodman
Adams, Henry  187188y7mFerry CemeteryBrownville
Adams, Mark D 186274yRural CemeteryLorraine
Adams, Robert  1849?55y?Brookside CemeteryWatertown
Adams, Samuel 17851855Brookside CemeteryAlexandria
Adams, Samuel  1852?72y?Underwood CemeteryRutland
Adams, Septimeus G 185978y5mBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Ainsworth, Willard  186572y10m27dRiverside CemeteryCape Vincent
Aldrich, Benjamin  186074y10m24d?Clark CemeteryRutland
Aldrich, Leonard  183149yFelts Mills CemeteryRutland
Alexander, Reuben  184155yClark CemetryHenderson
Allen, Clark 17671851Rural CemeteryAdams
Allen, Ebenezer 17881859Muskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
Allen, Elisha  1849?70yRural CemeteryAdams
Allen, Ethen  182729yMuskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
Allen, Hezekiah  187582yRural CemeteryAdams
Allen, James  183550yMaplewood CemeteryEllisburg
Allen, John  1876?82y9mPierrepont Manor CemeteryEllisburg
Allen, Joseph 17911864Pierrepont Manor CemeteryEllisburg
Allen, Leonard  188388y7m14dBrownville CemeteryBrownville
Allen, Lewis  185362yWoodside CemeteryEllisburg
Allen, Samuel 17961814Allen Family CemeteryBrownville
Allis, William  187589y2m10dQuaker CemeteryPhiladelphia
Allison, Ebenezer  187183y1mDexter CemeteryBrownville
Andrews, William  186383y7mMaple Hill CemeteryRutland
Andrus, George 1789184657yRural CemeteryAdams
Andrus, Otis  187184y5m?Rutland Hollow CemeteryRutland
Angel, James F1796?1884?Burial Location Unknown
Angel, Nicholas  1851?66y1m26dSouh Rutland CemeteryRutland
Arms, Luman 1796188488y18dUnion CemeteryAdams
Arnold, Peleg  183565yStone Mills CemeteryOrleans
Augsbury, Abraham  185665y2m24dEvans Mills Old CemeteryLeRay
Austin, Lebeus 1791?1869?Brookside CemeteryWatertown
Avery, Frederick  185373yPerch River CemetryBrownville
Avery, Jasper  186571y1m23dBrookside CemeteryWatertown
Avery, Richardson 17791847Allen Family CemeteryBrownville
Babbitt, Deodatus  182837y10m17dIsham CemeteryRodman
Babcock, Daniel B 187581y1m12dBarnes CemeteryAlexandria
Babcock, Elias 17921875Adams State Road CemeteryAdams
Bachelor, Sewell  183855yBachelor CemeteryLyme
Backus, E  Military CemeteryHounsfield
Bailey, Henry  187981y11mDexter CemeteryBrownville
Bailey, Isaiah 17851862Hillside CemeteryAntwerp
Baker, Abner 17911872Brookside CemeteryWatertown
Baker, Augustus E 185774y7m8dLyman CemeteryLorraine
Baker, Erastus 1793?1866?Burial Location Unknown
Baker, Jonathan 17791863Brookside CemeteryWatertown

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