Isaac Cornwell Grave Marker

Revolutionary War Veterans
Jefferson County, NY

Although Jefferson County, NY was not established until well after the Revolutionary War, veterans of the war were instrumental in the settling of the county. Our intent is to document the final resting place of those patriotic veterans who helped carve the county out of the wilderness.

The service of all of the individuals listed has not been verified. While we have attempted to verify as many as possible, there may be individuals listed who did not serve or whose service is in question. A "yes" under DAR is not verification of service, but it does indicate that a membership application has been processed by the DAR.

NSDARWe are indebted to the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR without whose support the identification of the graves of those individuals who served in the Revolutionary War would have been lost forever.

To obtain service information on any of the individuals included in our list, we encourage you to contact the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter NSDAR.

384 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Jefferson County, NY
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Ancestor Nr.
YesAckerman, Robert  182361ySherwin Bay CemeteryBrownville
YesAdams, John 17521820Burial Location Unknown
---Adams, Shubael  1837Brookside CemeteryWatertown
YesAllen, Ebenezer  182462yMuskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
YesAllen, Joseph 17581838Pierrepont Manor CemeteryEllisburg
YesAndrews, John  181568yStevens CemeteryRutland
---Andrews, Stephen  183873y?Judd CemeteryCape Vincent
YesAndrus, David I 183165yGiddingsville CemeteryEllisburg
YesAndrus, Ezekiel  182886yBrookside CemeteryWatertown
---Anstead, Henry 17501838Burial Location Unknown
---Arms, Truman  Union CemeteryAdams
YesBabcock, Job 1758183?Burial Location Unknown
YesBackus, Electus Mallory17851813Burial Location Unknown
YesBaker, Nathan 1758?1819Burial Location Unknown
YesBarney, Edward  183585y11m21dBigelow CemeteryEllisburg
YesBarney, William 17621834Souh Rutland CemeteryRutland
YesBartholomew, Oliver  185092y8mBrownville CemeteryBrownville
YesBassett, Abel 17591842Burial Location Unknown
YesBates, Oliver 17631828Carpenter CemeteryHenderson
YesBaxter, John  184789yPerch River CemetryBrownville
YesBenjamin, Jesse 17581851Clayton Village CemeteryClayton
YesBenjamin, Jonas  185494y2mMuskalonge CemeteryHounsfield
YesBentley, William  185085yBentley Family CemeteryChampion
YesBetts, Timothy 1743?1818?Burial Location Unknown
YesBishop, John 17331828Burial Location Unknown
YesBlanchard, Thomas  183274yCarpenter CemeteryHenderson
YesBones, Thomas  183077yQuaker CemeteryPhiladelphia
YesBoyden, Joseph  184083yRural CemeteryLorraine
YesBreed, Nathaniel  183178yEvergreen CemeteryHenderson
YesBrewster, Timothy 1759?184889y9m16dBrewster CemeteryEllisburg
YesBritain, Samuel  183573ySand Bay CemeteryCape Vincent
YesBrown, Ebenezer  1835?82yRural CemeteryLorraine
YesBrown, George  182671yBrownville CemeteryBrownville
---Brown, Peter 17571843Burial Location Unknown
YesBurpee, Ebenezer  183272yRural CemeteryLorraine
YesBurr, Isaac  182767yEllisburg CemeteryEllisburg
---Butterfield, Isaac 17651827Lakeside CemeteryHounsfield
YesCalkins, Solomon  184094yHillside CemeteryChampion
---Carpenter, Abiel 17501840Burial Location Unknown
---Carpenter, John 17611845Smithville CemeteryHenderson
YesCarpenter, Philip 17651836Stone CemeteryBrownville
YesCarter, John  184584y9mSmithville CemeteryHenderson
YesCarter, Jonathan  181767yHillside CemeteryChampion
YesCarter, Stephen 17411826?Burial Location Unknown
YesCaulkins, Joel  184890y?Stears CemeteryWorth
---Chapman, Comfort 17591821Burial Location Unknown
YesCheney, Eliphlet 17561822Old Town CemeteryAntwerp
---Church, Elihu  183475yBemis CemeteryAntwerp
YesClark Jr, Lamberton 1760?1835?Burial Location Unknown
---Clark, Thomas  182370yWoodside CemeteryEllisburg

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