World War I Veterans
Jefferson County, New York

WW I Veteran Surnames beginning with the letter V

Number of records: 58

World War I Veterans
viewValiguetteJ J Watertown (City)Army, Canadian 
viewValinGuy Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVallaoDennis Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVallhergbtGeorge WilnaArmy 
viewVallierWilfred S Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVallinosDennis Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewValvoGuiseppe Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVanAlstyneHarold Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVanAntwerpPercival ChampionArmy, Canadian 
viewVanBrocklinErnest F AlexandriaArmy, US 
viewVanBrocklinJesse LorraineArmy, US 
viewVanCampDuane WorthArmy, AEF 
viewVanCampEverett N WorthArmy, AEF 
viewVanCampPaul OrleansArmy, US 
viewVandewalkerFred Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVanDorenJesse T LymeArmy, US 
viewVanDuzeeLloyd Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVanDuzenCharles WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewVanDuzenCharles W Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVanDuzenEverett J Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVanDuzenLeon B Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVanDuzenRobert A Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVanGoodheartRalph A  Army 
viewVanHornDell Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVanTasselClint TheresaArmy, US 
viewVanWaldickClarence R AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewVanWormerHarold C EllisburgArmy, AEF 
viewVarleyJohn W WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewVaryWillett H Watertown (City)Navy 
viewVerdinRichard T  Army 
viewVerSchneiderMelvin P RutlandArmy 
viewVestAdra J  Army 
viewVestyWilliam AlexandriaArmy, US 
viewViauFrancis Watertown (City)Navy 
viewViauJoseph A Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewVidensaRomeo Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVilleneuseArthur HounsfieldArmy, AEF 
viewVincentEverett ClaytonNavy 
viewVincentFred Edward Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewVincentH L LymeArmy, AEF 

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