World War I Veterans
Jefferson County, New York

WW I Veteran Surnames beginning with the letter T

Number of records: 100

World War I Veterans
viewTaberCarlton Clayton AdamsNavy 
viewTaberMorris AdamsNavy 
viewTaftJohn R Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewTaitWilliam Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewTallmanLeland L OrleansNavy 
viewTannerFrederick  Army, Canada 
viewTauroneyLiugi Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewTaylorEdward Watertown (City)Navy 
viewTaylorFrederick H Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewTaylorIrvin Watertown (City)Army, AEFYes
viewTaylorLeon L AlexandriaArmy, US 
viewTaylorMaurice William Watertown (City)Navy 
viewTealRalph WilnaArmy, US 
viewTealeFred WilnaArmy, US 
viewTeepelFrancis Harold Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewTerryHarold RutlandArmy, AEF 
viewTharrettGeorge Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewThayerEdwin H ChampionArmy, US 
viewThayerWalter M WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewTheaumeHenry Thomas Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewThenellAlbert Watertown (City)Army 
viewThibaultBernard A ClaytonArmy, AEF 
viewThibaultClarence ClaytonArmy, US 
viewThomasC A Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewThomasFrank Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewThomasGlen BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewThomasHarold Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewThomasLeo N Watertown (City)Navy 
viewThomasVivian V RutlandArmy, AEF 
viewThomasWilliam Watertown (City)Army, Canadian 
viewThomasWilliam H Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewThomasWilliam M BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewThompsonAlbert LeRayArmy 
viewThompsonArthur Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewThompsonEarl S EllisburgArmy, AEF 
viewThompsonFrank E  Army 
viewThompsonFrederick B WilnaArmy, US 
viewThompsonHarry W AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewThompsonHoward AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewThompsonJames Watertown (City)Army, AEF 

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