World War I Veterans
Jefferson County, New York

WW I Veteran Surnames beginning with the letter R

Number of records: 209

World War I Veterans
viewRadleyCharles E ChampionArmy, AEF 
viewRafterAlbert WilnaArmy, US 
viewRafterGeorge WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewRafterHerbert WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewRamsdellCharles A ClaytonArmy, AEFYes
viewRamsdellHarry HendersonArmy 
viewRamsdellHarry A ClaytonArmy, AEF 
viewRamseyH Drummond AdamsNavy 
viewRamseyHarold HounsfieldNavy 
viewRamseyHarold D HendersonNavy 
viewRamseyN W WorthArmy 
viewRamseyRobert Bruce AdamsNavy 
viewRandallDavid AlexandriaArmy, AEF 
viewRandallDeWitt PhiladelphiaNavy 
viewRandellClifford J AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewRandellRalph M AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewRandellSidney AdamsNavy 
viewRandolphWilbur G  Army 
viewRankinAlden N HendersonArmy, US 
viewRansierGlenn Lewis Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewRansomeJames T Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewRaresheidGeorge Cape VincentArmy, US 
viewRarickAdelbert PhiladelphiaNavy 
viewRathbunLeon H Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewRawlingsA S EllisburgArmy 
viewRawlingsEdward EllisburgArmy, AEF 
viewRayMatthew Watertown (City)Navy 
viewRaymondAlexander  Army 
viewRaymondJoseph WilnaNavy 
viewRayomeFrederick J Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewReadRobert E Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewReadwilliam H  Army 
viewReadeWilliam W  Marines 
viewRedfieldHarold C AdamsNavy 
viewRedfieldRay Lyman AdamsNavy 
viewRedmondJohn Lawrence Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewReedCharles Wilcox  Navy 
viewReedClarence D PhiladelphiaArmy, AEF 
viewReedHoward ChampionArmy 
viewReedMilo WorthMaries 

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