World War I Veterans
Jefferson County, New York

WW I Veteran Surnames beginning with the letter J

Number of records: 59

World War I Veterans
viewJacksonAdam HendersonArmy, AEF 
viewJacksonCarl M HounsfieldNavy 
viewJacksonFrederick R Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJacksonHerbert J Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJacksonThomas OrleansArmy, AEF 
viewJarvisJames Thomas Watertown (City)Army, AEFYes
viewJelmbergEdward J AlexandriaArmy, AEF 
viewJenksHallie AdamsNavy 
viewJenningsGuy A AntwerpArmy, US 
viewJenningsVernon Louis Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJesmerAmos WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewJesmerTheron G AdamsArmy, AEF 
viewJesseHarry Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJessmanClarence E Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJessmanGuy Bert Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewJessmoreEugene WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewJessmoreJames WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewJohnsonAlbert LeRayArmy 
viewJohnsonArchie W Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJohnsonArthur M  Navy 
viewJohnsonChester Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewJohnsonClark Stanley BrownvilleArmy, US 
viewJohnsonEdward AntwerpNavy 
viewJohnsonEdward James Watertown (City)Navy 
viewJohnsonFred ClaytonArmy 
viewJohnsonGerald Andrew Watertown (City)Navy 
viewJohnsonH O BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewJohnsonHarry C ChampionArmy, US 
viewJohnsonIvan Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewJohnsonJames WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewJohnsonJordan H  Army 
viewJohnsonLynn Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewJohnsonMyron I Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewJohnsonPaul Ashley Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewJohnsonPerl B BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewJohnsonRay L BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewJohnstonHarley A  Army 
viewJonasA Lawrence ChampionArmy, US 
viewJonasAlton J ChampionArmy 
viewJonesAllen L Watertown (City)Navy 

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