World War I Veterans
Jefferson County, New York

WW I Veteran Surnames beginning with the letter D

Number of records: 176

World War I Veterans
viewDafoeFinley BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewDafoeIra Nathan BrownvilleNavy 
viewDaileyClarence W Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDallisAngalos Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDallopotosAngelo Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDalyOscar R Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewDamonRalph  (unknown) 
viewDangelLouis Henry Watertown (City)Navy 
viewDanielsAdelbert W LymeArmy, AEF 
viewDanielsGeorge BrownvilleArmy, US 
viewDanielsHoward Russell AdamsArmy 
viewDanielsPerl H BrownvilleArmy, AEF 
viewDanoLloyd OrleansArmy, US 
viewDarbyHarold W Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDarisKent HounsfieldNavy 
viewDavisAlton TheresaArmy, US 
viewDavisAndrew McKinley Watertown (City)Army, USYes
viewDavisCharles Edwin BrownvilleArmy, US 
viewDavisClarence Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDavisEarl B AlexandriaArmy, AEF 
viewDavisElmer TheresaArmy, AEF 
viewDavisErnest TheresaArmy, US 
viewDavisFrank H L AlexandriaNavy 
viewDavisIrwin Thomas  Navy 
viewDavisJ Bert HendersonArmy 
viewDavisLee B PhiladelphiaArmy, AEF 
viewDavisLeon E WilnaArmy 
viewDavisMyron P WilnaArmy 
viewDavisRexford TheresaArmy, US 
viewDavisThomas Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewDawsonGeorge A Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDayGeorge Watertown (City)Army, AEF 
viewDeanAlbion David  Army 
viewDeanAlvin D Watertown (City)  
viewDeanGeorge H Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDeanGuy Watertown (City)Army, US 
viewDeanHoward S  Army 
viewDeaneWilliam R AlexandriaArmy, AEF 
viewDeCarSamuel WilnaArmy, AEF 
viewDeFordGifford F Watertown (City)Army, US 

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