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The foundation of this collection is Jefferson County in the World War compiled by George W. Reeves and published in Watertown, New York in 1920. Reeves’ book listed 3,261 men who served during the World War (World War I) and identified those who made the ultimate sacrifice. To his compilation, we’ve added those individuals who are buried in Jefferson County and served during the conflict.

Jefferson County in the World War - Introduction

It is an opportunity, of which I am glad to avail myself to express the personal pride which I have felt through the war at the patriotic and efficient way that my home county of Jefferson responded to every call made upon the American people. The ceaseless devotion and sacrifice of my neighbors and friends were a constant source of encouragement to me in the performance of my duties for there came the consciousness that we were working together for a common cause. I was proud to renew thus a comradeship which has been in the past an inspiration to unremitting effort.

The publication of the splendid record of our County during the war is well worth while, for future generations should not be allowed to forget how much the residents of Jefferson County accomplished when patriotism called them to service. In the production and conservation of food, in the conservation of fuel, in assisting in financing the national war power, in its generous gifts to the Red Cross and other associations devoted to the amelioration of suffering and hardship, the record of our county is one which should be perpetuated. The names of those we so courageously and cheerfully took up arms in defense of human liberty, the sacred heritage of all Americans, constitute a roll of honor which should be preserved for all time as an example to posterity of the spirit of 1917. To place before the future the names and faces of those who gave their lives in their country’s cause is but a small reward for the sacrifice which they made, but to remember their heroes service which grateful hearts is all that we can do for them or for the loved ones whom they left behind.

This work is a fitting memorial of Jefferson County’s achievements for its country and the noble part it played in the winning of the war. As a citizen of Jefferson County and as the Secretary of State of the United States I heartily commend the patriotism, the zeal and the splendid spirit of unity which is commemorated in the book.

Honorable Robert Lansing
U. S. Secretary of State
June 23, 1915 to February 13, 1920

Jefferson County in the World War
Jefferson County in the World War
Compiled by George W. Reeves
Watertown, New York 1920

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