Civil War Veterans

Jefferson County, New York

Portion of John Seymour's Monument at Oakwood CemeteryThousands of residents of Northern New York participated in the Civil War. Because of the role they played in the conflict and the sacrifices they made, there are a number of ongoing efforts to document who served, their contribution to the war effort, and the impact it had on the area. Our goal is to identify those individuals who served and are buried in Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

This collection containsover 6,000 entries of individuals who reportedly served during the Civil War. While they were not necessarily residents of the Northern New York area, they clearly had some tie to the area. Also it is nearly impossible to discern if those recorded were actually residents or simply enlisted in the referenced Town.

Several areas we hope to explore in the future are the membership rolls of the Grand Army of The Republic (GAR) Posts and attendance at GAR encampments. As part of that effort, we are attempting to identify the GAR posts that were formed in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties.

GAR Posts by County

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