Land Contracts by Isaac Bronson
Town of Henderson, New York

Total Number of Transactions = 360

A listing of transactions from the Bronson Collection held by the Jefferson County Historical Society. The documents are financial statements sent to Isaac Bronson by his brother Ethel Bronson on land contracts purchased from William Henderson and cover the period June 1803 to May 1825.

Town of Henderson Land Transactions
AshleyWilliam1808cash by David Merrit on Sawyer's account?
AshleyWilliam1809may co-own with Peter Barrie
AshleyWilliam1813cash payment by Nathan French
AshleyWilliam1820Payments on lands deeded
BakerJohn1820Balance due $1015.17 - owns with Nathaniel Parson
BarneyE1817cash payment
BarneyEdward1809cash payment
BarneyEdward1809cash payment
BarneyEdward1817Balance on account $403.36
BarneyEdward1820Payments on lands contracted but not deeded
BarneyEdward1820Balance due $497.19
BarneyJames1804not taken by Isaac Bronson
BarriePeter1809may co-own with William Ashley
BarriePeter1820Payments on lands deeded
BatesCyrus1825purchased from Amasa Whitney
BealsSamuel1805no payment shown as of 1806
BealsSamuel1809Balance due $412.35
BellThomas1809Balance due $201.70
BellThomas1820Payments on lands deeded
BishopA1817cash payment
BishopAsa1804no payment shown as of 1806 - part sold to Calvin Bishop
BishopAsa1809Balance due $235.70
BishopAsa1820Payments on lands contracted but not deeded
BishopAsa1820Balance due $530.82
BishopAsa1824payment by cattle
BishopAsa1824payment by cattle
BishopAsa1825Due: $268.83 - make payment next February
BishopCalvin1809Balance due $149.26
BishopCalvin1810cash payment
BishopCalvin1813cash payment
BishopCalvin1817Balance on account $433.31
BishopJohn1820Payments on lands deeded
BrownAmasa1817land originally owned by Jeremiah Harris
BrownAmasa1825$55.62 due
BullardJ P1820cash payment of Sprague's account
BurtR1820cash payment
BurtR1820cash payment
BurtR1820cash payment

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