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This collection is a transcription of a portion of the Bronson Collection held by the Jefferson County Historical Society. The documents are financial statements sent to Isaac Bronson by his brother Ethel Bronson on land contracts purchased from William Henderson and cover the period June 1803 to May 1825. There are huge gaps in the collection, thus a continuous chain of ownership cannot be determined. Location information (e.g. Lot number) is only listed on two statments: one circa 1807 and one in 1809. Where Lot numbers are listed, they coincide with the Lots as shown on the 1864 Stone Map of Jefferson County: Page 22 Town of Henderson. The 1864 Stone map is available at the Jefferson County Historical Society, Watertown, New York.


Dr. Isaac Bronson was a surgeon during the American Revolutionary War serving in the 2nd Regiment of Light Dragoons under George Washington. He was later a successful banker and land speculator. Dr. Bronson acquired portions of the Town of Henderson from William Henderson and conveyed his interest in the town to his brother Ethel Bronson who managed his brother's interest in the town until his death in 1825. In 1825 responsibility for managing the contracts was transferred to George White, who completed the settlement of accounts. By June 1806, Issac and Ethel Bronson had 5,719 acres under contract.

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Henderson Land Contracts 1809
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