Jefferson County, NY Municipalities

Contacts in the Villages and Towns

The following offices may be able to assist you in locating official records. Every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the following information; however, as with all things the information is subject to change. For additions/changes/corrections, please contact us through the Contact page.

Towns are in alphabetical order and Villages are listed under their respective Towns.

Municipal Offices in Jefferson County, New York
Municipality Office Mailing Address Phone Number Web Site
Jefferson County County Clerk 175 Arsenal St
Watertown, NY 13601
315-785-3312 Visit official site
Adams, Town of Town Clerk 13263 US Rt. 11
Adams Center, NY 13606
315-583-5701 Visit official site
Adams, Village of Village Clerk 3 South Main Street
Adams, NY 13606
315-232-2632 Visit official site
Alexandria, Town of Town Clerk 46372 County Rt. 1
PO Box 130
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
315-482-9519 Visit official site
Alexandria Bay, Village of Village Clerk 110 Walton St.
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
315-482-9902 Visit official site
Antwerp, Town of Town Clerk Main Street
PO Box 858
Antwerp, NY 13608
Antwerp, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 392
Antwerp, NY 13608
315-659-8661 Visit official site
Brownville, Town of Town Clerk 16431 Star School House Rd
Dexter, NY 13634
Brownville, Village of Village Clerk 216 Brown Blvd
Brownville, NY 13615
Dexter, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 62
Dexter, NY 13634
Glen Park, Village of Village Clerk 116 East Main St
Brownville, NY 13615
Cape Vincent, Town of Town Clerk PO Box 680
Market St
Cape Vincent, NY 13618
315-654-3660 Visit official site
Cape Vincent, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 337
Cape Vincent, NY 13618
315-654-2533 Visit official site
Champion, Town of Town Clerk 10 N. Broad St
West Carthage, NY 13619
West Carthage, Village of Village Clerk 61 High Street
Carthage, NY 13619
Clayton, Town of Town Clerk 405 Riverside Dr
Clayton, NY 13624
315-686-3512 Visit official site
Clayton, Village of Village Clerk Mary Street
Clayton, NY 13624
315-686-5552 Visit official site
Ellisburg, Town of Town Clerk Town Hall
PO Box 113
Ellisburg, NY 13636
Ellisburg, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 116
Ellisburg, NY 13636
Mannsville, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 153
Mannsville, NY 13661
Henderson, Town of Town Clerk PO Box 259
Henderson, NY 13650
315-938-5542 Visit official site
Hounsfield, Town of Town Clerk 18774 County Rt. 66
Salt Point Road
Watertown, NY 13601
315-782-6380 Visit official site
Sackets Harbor, Village Village Clerk Sackets Harbor, NY 13685 315-646-3548 Visit official site
Leray, Town of Town Clerk 8650 Leray ST
Evans Mills, NY 13637
315-629-4052 Visit official site
Black River, Village of Village Clerk 102 S. Main St.
Black River, NY 13612
315-773-5721 Visit official site
Leray, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 176
Evans Mills, NY 13637
Lorraine, Town of Town Clerk 20876 County Rt 189
Lorraine, NY 13659
315-232-2639 Visit official site
Lyme, Town of Town Clerk PO Box 66
Chaumont, NY 13622
315-649-2788 Visit official site
Chaumont, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 297
Chaumont, NY 13622
Orleans, Town of Town Clerk PO Box 103
20558 Sunrise Ave
La Fargeville, NY 13656
315-658-9950 Visit official site
Pamelia, Town of Town Clerk 25859 NYS Rt 37
Watertown, NY 13601
Philadelphia, Town of Town Clerk 33019 US Rt 11
Philadelphia, NY 13673
Philadelphia, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 70
Philadelphia, NY 13673
Rodman, Town of Town Clerk PO Box 523
Rodman, NY 13682
Rutland, Town of Town Clerk 28411 NYS Rt 126
Black River, NY 13612
Theresa, Town of Town Clerk 215 Riverside Ave
Theresa, NY 13691
315-628-5046 Visit official site
Theresa, Village of Village Clerk 124 Commerce St
Theresa, NY 13691
Watertown, Town of Town Clerk 22867 County Rt 67
Watertown, NY 13601
Watertown, City of City Clerk City Hall
245 Washington St
Watertown, NY 13601
  Visit official site
Wilna, Town of Town Clerk 414 State St
Carthage, NY 13619
315-493-2771 Visit official site
Carthage, Village of Village Clerk 120 S Mechanic St
Carthage, NY 13619
315-493-1060 Visit official site
Deferiet, Village of Village Clerk PO Box 206
Deferiet, NY 13628
Herrings, Village of Village Clerk 24519 First St
Carthage, NY 13619
Worth, Town of Town Clerk 6400 County Rt 95
Lorraine, NY 13659

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