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Jefferson County, New York

In many of the church records with recorded baptisms, the age of the individual is either listed as infant or adult. While it is impossible to determine exactly what constitutes an infant, it is reasonable to assume that it is an individual that has not reached their age of majority. In the early 1800s many of the records were recorded in three columns with the headings: Individual, Age, Parents or Husband. Later records typically include significantly more information, such as place and date of birth.

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Details Nims  Ambrose  Smith    1825?  child 
Details Nims  Jane  Eliza    1818  child 
Details Nims  Lucinda      1827  child 
Details Nims  Mary  Ann    1822  child 
Details Norton  Adaline      1829?  child 
Details Norton  Almeda      1824  child 
Details Norton  Chester  Willis    1816  child 
Details Norton  Clarisa      1822  adult 
Details Norton  Clarrissa?  Elnora    1834  child 
Details Norton  Harriet      1830?  child 
Details Norton  John  Edward    1827  child 
Details Norton  Laura  Ann    1818  child 
Details Norton  Lorry      1816  adult 
Details Norton  Lovina  Selistine    1821  child 
Details Norton  Lucy  Selestine    1823  child 
Details Norton  Nelson      1821  child 
Details Nulty  Emma  Jeane  1910  1912   
Details Nutting  Albert      1825?  child 
Details Nutting  Ann  Suce?    1827  child 
Details Nutting  Cemantha  Witlock    1830  child 
Details Nutting  Mariah      1821  child 
Details Nutting  Phidelia      1818  child 
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