Leraysville, NY - a Lost Village

LeRaysville was one of several villages that ceased to exist as a result of the early 1940's expansion of Pine Camp (Fort Drum), New York. Originally located in the Town of Leray (Jefferson County), Leraysville was located at the intersection of Pearl and Pleasant Streets. As indicated on the 1941 Tax Map, 23 tracts existed (22 to be acquired and one already vacated). As a means of preserving the history of this "lost village", the 1864 map of Leraysville is provided.

Two maps are provided for comparison: Leraysville as it existed in 1864 and the 1941 Tax Map. Please be patient as as both maps are rather large. The numbered circles on the 1941 tax map are keyed to the property owners as listed in the 1941 Fort Drum Land Acquisition Tax Rolls.

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