Fort Drum Land Acquisition

Land Owners - 1941

(Based on the 1941 Tax Map)

The information in this database was extracted from the 1941 Tax Map produced in support of the Pine Camp (Fort Drum), New York expansion. This effort is still in it's infancy, as we developed better methods to present the data.

If you desire additional information on a particular tract of land please use the Information Request page. Inclusion of Record ID will significantly improve our ability to respond to any requests.

Since names have changed over time and we don’t always have accurate spellings, it’s recommended that you search for the full last name first. If the name you are searching for isn’t returned, then search by the first 3 or 4 letters of the last name. Soundex search is currently not implemented, so you may want to also search by variations of the name. Results are sorted by surname and then first name.

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