Fort Drum Expansion 1941

Originally Pine Camp, Jefferson County, NY

Fort Drum in the 1940s

During the period 1939 - 1941, Pine Camp (Fort Drum) underwent a major expansion in support of the Army's preparation for World War II. This expansion resulted in the purchase of over 70,000 acres encompassing 5 villages, 24 schools, 6 churches and 8 cemeteries and significant lost of area for both Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

Hopefully this series of maps and the Land Owner collection will help preserve that portion of Northern New York's heritage that has essentially been lost as a family researcher's resource. This is still a work in progress with a significant amount of work to accomplish.

We are extremely grateful to the Public Works - Cultural Resources (Archeology) Office at Fort Drum for all their support. A history of Fort Drum can be viewed at the Fort Drum Cultural web site. (Note: this link will take you off this web site)

The Effects of the Expansion
Land Owners Lost Villages
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