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Union Academy at Belleville

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Union Academy Alphabetical Listing
Name Residence Term Grade/Course Graduated
Vanalstine   Minnie  Belleville, NY  1865-1866  Junior   
Vanalstine   Rhode  Belleville, NY  1865-1866  Preparatory   
VanAlstyne   Isaac C  Rural Hill, NY  1893  First Year   
VanBlaricon   Jonathan  Port Byron  1865-1866  Preparatory-Comercial   
Vancamp   Eugene J        1900 
VanCamp   Eugene J  Belleville, NY  1900  Fourth Year (Literary)   
VanCamp   Hugh W  Thousand Island Park, NY  1900  Third Year (Literary)   
Vebber   Laverna    1865-1866  Piano   
Vebber   Louisa  Schuylers Lake  1865-1866  Preparatory   
Veeder   Ella  Pierrepont Manor, NY  1865-1866  Junior   
Viets   Charles S  Belleville, NY  1893  Third Year   
Viets   Harry  Belleville, NY  1900  Unclassfied   
Viets   Harry D        1904 
Viets   Harry D  Belleville, NY  1893  Special   
Viets   Harry D  Belleville, NY  1902  Freshman-Unclassified-piano-vocal   
Viets   Oliver B  Woodville, NY  1865-1866  Preparatory-Comercial   
Vincent   Leon H        1878 
Vogel   Frank C        1879 
Vogel   Frank C  Belleville, NY  1875     

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