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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Taggard  K D   attorney, over 1 Washington  American Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Taggart  Byron B Captain  10th Artillery  17 1/2 State (boards)  Watertown 
Taggart  William W   lawyer, 1 Court  Park near State  Watertown 
Tamblin  John M   J W & J M Tamblin  40 Stone (boards)  Watertown 
Tamblin  John W   J W & J M Tamblin  40 Stone  Watertown 
Tanney  John    milk pedlar  Pine near Smith's Alley  Watertown 
Taylor  Brayton    gunsmith  55 Factory (boards)  Watertown 
Taylor  Charles B   tanner  55 High (boards)  Watertown 
Taylor  Henry    photograph artist  Jackman House (boards)  Watertown 
Taylor  Mark    gardener  Edmunds near Main  North Watertown 
Taylor  Philena    widow of Danford  Hamilton near Bronson  Watertown 
Templeton  Aaron D   machinist  70 State (boards)  Watertown 
Teneyck  Egbert      42 Washington (boards)  Watertown 
TenEyck  Robert    TenEyck & Lansing  27 Washington (boards)  Watertown 
Teple  Peter    cabinet maker  2 Goodale (boards)  Watertown 
Terry  G C   blacksmith  5 Coffeen  Watertown 
Terry  Mary    domestic, 32 State    Watertown 
Terry  Patrick    laborer  Factory near Mill  Watertown 
Thayer  George    engineer  Engineer Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Therry  Louis C   Adjt. Artillery  Water near rail road  Juhelville 
Thomas  Laura  Mrs  washerwoman  River near Court  Watertown 
Thomas  Phineas    teamster  Foster near rail road  Watertown 
Thomas  William      63 Stone  Watertown 
Thompson  Bodwell L   clerk Jefferson County Bank  33 Arsenal (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  Edward H   Tyler & Thompson  51 Court (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  F W   cabinet maker  Jackman House (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  Henry    painter  Exchange Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  Ichabod    clerk  33 Arsenal (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  John    clerk, 20 Woodruff Block  Arsenal (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  John C   book-keeper, 2 Iron Block  Woodruff House (boards)  Watertown 
Thompson  Myers    book-keeper, Jefferson County Bank  51 Franklin  Watertown 
Thompson  W C   lawyer, 14 Court    Pamelia 
Thornton  Rosell    mason  East Factory near Ridge  Watertown 
Tierney  Owen    laborer  Pine near Smith's Alley  Watertown 
Timson  Margaret  Mrs    Sterling corner Franklin  Watertown 
Tiner  Nolan    widow of Thomas  Ash near Foster  Watertown 
Tiner  Timothy    laborer  Ash near Foster  Watertown 
Tinney  Amos    moulder  Lynde near Davison  Watertown 
Tisdel  Luther W   gunsmith  Juhelville near Grave  Juhelville 
Tomlinson  D B   telegraph operator  3 Clay  Watertown 

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