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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Rand  W F   clerk 9 Arcade  61 Stone  Watertown 
Ransom  John F   Hoard's Armory  11 Moulton  North Watertown 
Rapp  Valentine    cooper  Court corner Coffeen  Watertown 
Ratterry  John    omnibus driver from Watertown to Brownville  2 Stone  Watertown 
Rawson  Edwin    laborer  104 State (boards)  Watertown 
Raymond  Samuel G   laborer  Factory Square  Watertown 
Read  Asahel      15 Stone  Watertown 
Reade  Joseph W   clerk 7 & 8 Washington Place  Main near Edmund  Watertown 
Reamer  George    moulder  16 State  Watertown 
Redfield  Ruth    widow of Theophilus  22 Franklin  Watertown 
Redway  Joseph    machinist  Union House (boards)  Watertown 
Reed  Michael    tailor  Ash near Emmett  Watertown 
Reed  Milton M   10th Artillery Regt  Central corner Bronson  Watertown 
Reeves  Charles    hostler, Oakland House    Watertown 
Reily  Michael    laborer  Holcomb near Chestnut  Watertown 
Relyea  David    miller  Howk corner Newell (boards)  Watertown 
Remington  Alfred D   paper mills, Water near Factory  50 Court  Watertown 
Reviere  Francis    laborer  Goulding near East Factory  Watertown 
Reynolds  E Winchester   pastor Universalist Church  4 High  Watertown 
Rhodes  Richard    Hoard's Armory  20 Moulton  Watertown 
Rice  Barney    laborer  Fairbanks near Factory  Watertown 
Rice  Caroline  Miss    Ridge near Factory (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  Clark      16 Clinton  Watertown 
Rice  G S   clerk  46 State (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  George S   clerk 18 Court  52 Court (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  L D   clerk  46 State (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  Lorenzo D   clerk 20 Court  52 Court (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  O L   clerk 1 & 2 American Block  13 Stone (boards)  Watertown 
Rice  R D   paper manufacturer  26 Mechanic  Watertown 
Rich  Henry D   assistant hotel keeper  Court corner Madison Square  Watertown 
Rich  Lucy  Mrs  Oakland House, Court corner Madison Square    Watertown 
Richardson  John    gardener  Massey near rail road  Watertown 
Richardson  R R   cigar maker  Jackman House (boards)  Watertown 
Richter  Christian    machinist  Winthrop near Academy  Watertown 
Rickerson  Daniel W   grocer Mill near State  11 mechanic  Watertown 
Rickerson  Henry L   clerk Mill near State  11 Mechanic (boards)  Watertown 
Riley  Edward    laborer  Boon near Emmett  Watertown 
Riley  Lawrence    carpenter  Franklin corner William  Watertown 
Rising  Leman    10th Artillery Regt  27 Franklin  Watertown 
River  Franklin    blacksmith  Foster near Ash  Watertown 

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