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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
O'Brien  Dennis    Winn & O'Brien  Woodruff House (boards)  Watertown 
O'Brien  Ellen  Mrs    Factory near Mill  Watertown 
O'Brien  Patrick    blacksmith  79 State  Watertown 
O'Carla  Paul    segar maker  American Hotel  Watertown 
O'Connel  Patrick    potash maker  Foster near Oak  Watertown 
O'Conner  Michael    laborer  Brown near Emmett  Watertown 
O'Donnell  Edward    carman  Alley near Franklin  Watertown 
O'Dougherty  Patrick    Phoenix Mills, Fairbanks near Factory  Factory near Huntington  Watertown 
O'Neil  Hannah    widow of John  Main near Angel  North Watertown 
O'Neil  John    harness maker  Jackman House (boards)  Watertown 
O'Neil  Michael    laborer  North near Lynde  North Watertown 
O'Riley  Edward    laborer  Smith's Alley near Pine  Watertown 
O'Riley  Mary    widow of Cornelius  Smith's Alley near Pine  Watertown 
Oaks  R A   clerk 8 Washington Place  68 State  Watertown 
Olean  Nathan M     Huntington near Hamilton  Watertown 
Olean  Sirena    widow of William  Huntington corner Hamilton  Watertown 
Olive  Joseph    10th Artillery Regt  Fairbanks near Factory  Watertown 
Oliver  William    teamster  24 Arsenal  Watertown 
Olmstead  William H   fireman R W & O RR  Meadow near Foster  Watertown 
Omar  Martin    10th Artillery  Elm near Holbrook  Watertown 
Osborn  Martin V   machinist  Lamon near High  Watertown 
Osmer  Datus    meat market Public Square corner Franklin  47 High  Watertown 
Ostrander  Elizabeth    widow of William  Meadow near Cross  Watertown 
Otis  D D   hardware 23 Court  40 Washington  Watertown 
Otis  Oran G   clerk 23 Court  40 Washington (boards)  Watertown 
Ougsbury  Maria    widow of Benjamin  Rutland near State  Watertown 
Ougsbury  Salem    laborer  Rutland near State (boards)  Watertown 
Ovens    joiner  Mill near Factory (boards)  Watertown 
Overhiser  W A   machinist  Harris House  Watertown 
Overton  Eli    lawyer  47 Washington  Watertown 
Overton  Lucinda    teacher  Boyd near Rutland (boards)  Watertown 
Owens  William    clerk  29 Foster  Watertown 

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