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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Mack  Ludwick    laborer  Engineer Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Mack  R G   Cataract Mills, North near Moulton  Woodruff House (boards)  Watertown 
Macomber  George S   physician 49 State  49 State  Watertown 
Macomber  Olive    widow of John  40 Stone  Watertown 
Madden  Walter    moulder  Foster near Grave  Watertown 
Magoveny  James    moulder  Water near Factory  Juhelville 
Maguire  Alice  Mrs    Central near Huntington  Watertown 
Mahan  John    laborer  48 Washington (boards)  Watertown 
Mahan  Peter    vol.  Brainard near Gotham  Watertown 
Mahar  Martin    laborer  Hewett corner Prospect  Watertown 
Maier  Anna B   widow of William  9 Mechanic  Watertown 
Major  Peter    blacksmith  Foster near Boon  Watertown 
Makepeace  William    clerk  31 Academy (boards)  Watertown 
Mallis  Peter    cabinet maker  3 Wall  North Watertown 
Mallison  Alexander    clerk 9 Court  Empire House (boards)  Watertown 
Maloney  Patrick    farmer  Elm near Holcomb  Watertown 
Maltby  Clark O   tanner  93 Factory  Watertown 
Mani  Jacob    cheese dealer  9 Coffeen  Watertown 
Mann  Harry    farmer  Water  Juhelville 
Mansell  Catharine    widow of Thomas  Washington near Chestnut  Watertown 
Mansell  George R   clerk 32 Court  32 Court (boards)  Watertown 
Mansell  Isaac H   clerk  Washington near Chestnut  Watertown 
Mansfield  (not listed)  Mrs  hair, jewelry, wigs, false hair, etc., 16 Arcade  16 Arcade  Watertown 
Mansfield  Leonard D   grocer, Foster near the rail road  22 Franklin  Watertown 
Mantander  Peter    laborer  Foster near Ash  Watertown 
Mantando  Anthony    35th Regt  Smith's Alley near Foster (boards)  Watertown 
Mantando  Charles    laborer  Grave near Pine (boards)  Watertown 
Mantando  George    laborer  Smith's Alley near Foster  Watertown 
Mantando  George    vol.  Smith's Alley near Foster (boards)  Watertown 
Mantando  Joseph    vol.  Smith's Alley near Foster (boards)  Watertown 
Mantando  Louis    laborer  Grave near Pine  Watertown 
Mantando  Nelson    laborer  Grave near Pine  Watertown 
Maren  Charles    saloon 7 Mill  11 Factory  Watertown 
Marielle  Joseph      35 Court (rear)  Watertown 
Markin  Philip    laborer  Grave near Foster  Watertown 
Marks  Charles S   Baum & Marks  Woodruff House (boards)  Watertown 
Marrin  Charles    saloon  33 Factory  Watertown 
Marsh  George P     20 Court (boards)  Watertown 
Marsh  J W   produce dealer  Leray corner Binnse  North Watertown 
Marsh  John L   book keeper  20 Court  Watertown 

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