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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
LaBarge  Charles    clerk 12 Woodruff House  13 Franklin  Watertown 
LaBreck  Joseph    laborer  Foster near Ash  Watertown 
Lacomber  Josephine      35 Court (rear)  Watertown 
Lacy  John    captain  Hewett near Rail Road  Watertown 
Lacy  M J   shoemaker  Prospect corner Cedar (boards)  Watertown 
Ladd  Eliphalet    teamster  Msssey near Rail Road  Watertown 
LaDuque  Louis    shoemaker  11 Factory  Watertown 
LaFave  Alduff    laborer  Ridge near East Factory  Juhelville 
Laflin  Ahira E   10th Artillery  Edmunds near Main (boards)  North Watertown 
Laflin  David A   11th Artillery  Edmunds near Main (boards)  North Watertown 
Laflin  Edmund G     Edmunds near Main  North Watertown 
Laflin  James    carpenter  Edmunds near Main  North Watertown 
Lamb  Mary      33 Court  Watertown 
Lamon  F Miles   Ball & Lamon  54 Franklin  Watertown 
Lamon  Francis R     105 State  Watertown 
Lamon  Mercy    widow of Francis  41 State  Watertown 
Lamon  P E   book keeper  50 Franklin (boards)  Watertown 
Lamorte  Catharine    widow Louis  Lepper near Newell  Watertown 
Lane  F D   livery Arsenal near Public Square  43 Stone  Watertown 
Lane  William    laborer  57 Factory  Watertown 
Lanphear  Fannie M Mrs    16 Bronson  Watertown 
Lansing  Edward    physician  35 Washington  Watertown 
Lansing  Edward S   TenEyck & Lansing  35 Washington  Watertown 
Lansing  Fred    Hubbard & Lansing  35 Washington  Watertown 
Lansing  John    Lansing & Sherman  24 Washington  Watertown 
Lansing  Robert      24 Washington  Watertown 
LaPlont  Camel    hostler, Kirby House    Watertown 
LaPottry  Joseph    laborer  Grave near Pine (boards)  Watertown 
LaPottry  Louis    laborer  Grave near Pine  Watertown 
Larkin  William    foreman  Engineer Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
LaRocque  Felix    laborer  Factory Square  Watertown 
LaRocque  Mary    widow of Gabriel  Lepper near Newell  Watertown 
Lashar  David    mason  Bronson near Rutland  Watertown 
Lashar  Edwin S   mason  Bronson near Rutland (boards)  Watertown 
Lasselle  Benjamin    joiner  Engineer Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Lawrence  Elizabeth  Miss    32 Factory  Watertown 
Lawrence  George W   meat market 21 Court  8 Jackson  Watertown 
Lawrence  Henry    carpenter  1 Wall  North Watertown 
Lawrence  John F   clerk 6 Court  33 Arsenal (boards)  Watertown 
Lawrence  Rebecca  Miss    32 Factory  Watertown 

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