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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1863 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Cadwell  Henry D     33 Washington  Watertown 
Cadwell  Henry V   Cadwell & VanShaick  Publick Square opposite Empire House  Watertown 
Cahill  Daniel    paper maker  Lynde near Davidson  North Watertown 
Cain  Christopher    laborer  Foster near Smith's Alley  Watertown 
Calhoun  Chauncey  Mrs    7 Jackson  Watertown 
Calhoun    tinsmith  57 Factory  Watertown 
Calhoun  James M   carpenter  2 Madison Square  Watertown 
Calhoun  Rebecca    widow of Ebenezer  2 madison Square  Watertown 
Callaghan  Thomas    laborer  Massey near RR  Watertown 
Calrk  William    ticket agent R W & O RR  Kirby House (boards)  Watertown 
Calvin  D C   Clark & Calvin  10 Sterling  Watertown 
Camp  T H   T H Camp & Co  26 Massey  Watertown 
Campbell  Alexander    retired merchant  27 Sterling  Watertown 
Campbell  Edward R   silk merchant  9 Paddock  Watertown 
Campbell  Elizabeth  Mrs    7 Moulton (boards)  North Watertown 
Campbell  James      Franklin corner Sterling  Watertown 
Campbell  John    10th Artillery  6 Foster near Ash  Watertown 
Campbell  Philip    laborer  Engineer Hotel (boards)  Watertown 
Candee  Betsy    widow of Clark  14 Massey  Watertown 
Candee  Gilead W     14 Massey  Watertown 
Canfield  Stephen      44 Stone  Watertown 
Cannon  Peter    laborer  Emmett near Boon  Watertown 
Cantell  Frank    tanner  26 High (boards)  Watertown 
Carey  Rhoda    widow of James  55 Factory  Watertown 
Carl  James    gunsmith  Jackman House (boards)  Watertown 
Carlisle  William S   law student  13 Clay  Watertown 
Carpenter  Elizabeth    widow of Cyrus  17 Jefferson  Watertown 
Carpenter  George    10th Artillery  Sewall's Island  Watertown 
Carpenter  John M   dry goods and groceries Factory near Factory Square  81 Factory  Watertown 
Carpenter  Milton    clerk  81 Factory (boards)  Watertown 
Carpenter  Milton    tinner  3 Teneyck (boards)  Watertown 
Carr  Mary    widow of William  Madison Square near Arsenal  Watertown 
Carroll  Lucy    widow of jared  24 State  Watertown 
Carter  (not listed)    laborer  Sweall's Island near Factory  Watertown 
Carter  Charles P   machinist  Court corner Arch (boards)  Watertown 
Carter  Earl      Court corner Arch  Watertown 
Carter  Frank    clerk  Court corner Jackson (boards)  Watertown 
Carter  Franklin P   constable  3 Jackson  Watertown 
Carter  Frederick A   machinist  Court corner Arch (boards)  Watertown 
Carter  Hubbard    tinsmith  Court corner Jackson  Watertown 

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