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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1840 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Taylor  Isaac    sawyer for J Cramer    Pamelia 
Taylor    joinger  boards B F Berry  Watertown 
TenEyck  Egbert      Washington St (west side)  Watertown 
Terry    machinist N Wiley's shop    Juhelville 
Terry    blacksmith corner of roads to Brownville and Military Road    Pamelia 
Thair  Augustus    carter  near upper bridge  Watertown 
Thornton    mason  with W Thronton  Juhelville 
Thornton  Waterman    mason  Water St  Juhelville 
Thornton  William    saddler works Fairbanks  Woodruff St (north side)  Watertown 
Topham  James    laborer  River St  Watertown 
Traver  Peter      State road (north side)  Watertown 
Treadway  Moses    painter firm Treadway & St John east side Washington St    Watertown 
Tripp    carpenter and joiner  Mill St (west side)  Watertown 
Tripp    teamster  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Tripp  Martin    tailor works Streeter  boards Davenport  Watertown 
Trowbridge  Dr  office west side Washington St  boards Capt Newell  Watertown 
Tucker  Paul    cord works Corss  Bebee's Island  Watertown 
Turner    firm D M M & A B Turner hatters west side Washington  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Turner  Mrs  tailoress corner Factory and Mill Sts    Watertown 
Turner    hatter firm D M M & A B Turner hatters west side Washington St  boards A B Turner  Watertown 
Turner    forman Corss's shoe shop    Watertown 
Turner  Samuel    laborer works Perkins    Watertown 

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