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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1840 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Paddock    merchant firm Paddock & Son west side Washington St    Watertown 
Paddock  Oscar    firm Paddock & Son west side Washington St    Watertown 
Padgett  Henry    paper maker works Knowlton & Rice  High St  Watertown 
Padgett  William    cord north side Factory ST    Watertown 
Palmer  Levi    waggon maker firm Scovill & Palmer north side Factory St    Watertown 
Parker  Daniel    miller in Eagle mill  boards Howk  Watertown 
Parker  Dexter    cooper north side Factory St    Watertown 
Parminter  Asher    cord works Fairbanks  Madison St  Watertown 
Parnham  George    works Fairbank's tannery  boards A Bice  Watertown 
Patton  John    clothes cleaner and cord west side Washington St    Watertown 
Pattrick  Mathew    carman  Woodruff St  Watertown 
Pattridge  Joseph    attorney office west side Washington St  boards W Pattridge  Watertown 
Pattridge    clothier and wool carder  corner Mill and Factory Sts  Watertown 
Pay  William    baker  Sterling St (north side)  Watertown 
Peck    merchant firm Welch & Co  Public Square (southeast corner)  Watertown 
Peck  John    soap and candle maker firm J W & J Peck north side public square    Watertown 
Peck  Joseph    firm J W & J Peck  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Pendergast  John      north side road to Brownville  Pamelia 
Penniman  Charles    waggon maker works Scovill & Palmer  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Perkins  Charles    keeper of the Centre House    Watertown 
Perkins  George    teamster  boards Woolley  Watertown 
Perkins  John    laborer  River St  Watertown 
Perkins  Nathaniel    carpenter and joiner  Factory St  Watertown 
Perkins  Noah    clerk Farwell & Baker  boards C Perkins  Watertown 
Phelps    farmer  River St  Watertown 
Phillips  Richard    carpenter and joiner  north side road to Brownville  Pamelia 
Pierce  Benjamin    cabinet maker works White    Watertown 
Pierce  John    carpenter and joiner  Court St (west side)  Watertown 
Pierce    works Pamelia mills    Pamelia 
Plimpton  William    farmer  River St  Watertown 
Pontony    laborer  River St  Watertown 
Porter    miller Union mills  State St (east side)  Watertown 
Porter  George    grocer north side public square  State St (east side)  Watertown 
Porter  Martin    laborer  near the river  Juhelville 
Porter    waggon maker works Floyd    Watertown 
Porter  Robert    grocer and tallow chandler north side Factory St    Watertown 
Porter  William    moulder in William Smith's furnace  Bebee's Island  Watertown 
Potts    tailor and draper west side State ST  Woodruff St (south side)  Watertown 
Powers    clerk Fairbanks    Watertown 
Preston  Francis    works Hamilton mills  Hamiltonville  Watertown 

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