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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1840 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Failing  Warner    keeps tavern on the hill    Pamelia 
Fairbanks  George    student at law with J Mullin  boards Jason Fairbanks  Watertown 
Fairbanks  Jason    leather merchant west side State St  Arsenal St (north side)  Watertown 
Fairbanks  Samuel      boards J Fairbanks  Watertown 
Fairman  Daniel    pail maker works Wiley's  boards Wiley's  Watertown 
Farley  James    blacksmith works D Dodge  Woodruff St (east side)  Watertown 
Farwell  Eli    merchant Farwell & Baker east side State St  Clinton St (south side)  Watertown 
Fayhee  John    laborer  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Finney  Earl    farmer  Prospect Hill  Juhelville 
Finney  Lorenzo      with E Finney  Juhelville 
Fish  Rev  rector of Trinity Church  boards American  Watertown 
Fisher    tailor corner of Factory and High Sts    Watertown 
Fletcher  William    works Davenport    Watertown 
Flinn  Patrick    carter  Madison St  Watertown 
Floyd    carriage maker near Union Mills  Anthony St  Watertown 
Ford Sr William    grocer firm Lowe & Ford  State St (west side)  Watertown 
Forward  James    painter  Norton's Island  Juhelville 
Forward  Lester    painter  Norton's Island  Juhelville 
Forward    clerk Welch & Peck  boards Peck  Watertown 
Forward    attorney  Mechanic St (west side)  Watertown 
Foster  Daniel      with Thomas Foster  Juhelville 
Foster  Thomas    laborer  Prospect Hill  Juhelville 
Fowler    cigar maker  Factory St (south side)  Watertown 
Fox  William    farmer  above the bridge  Pamelia 
Francis  John    laborer  River St  Watertown 
Frasier  George    miller in Eagle mills  boards P Howk  Watertown 
Fryar  Richard    fancy dyer  Public Square (north side)  Watertown 
Frysell  William    foreman Starr's distillery    Pamelia 
Fuller    teamster  Clay St (north side)  Watertown 
Furbeck  Samuel    teamster  Factory St (south side)  Watertown 

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