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Villages of Watertown, Juhelville and Pamelia
Jefferson County, New York

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1840 Business Directory - Jefferson County, New York
Surname Given Title Occupation Residence Village
Bacon  Moses    sexton 1st Presb church  Sterling St (north side)  Watertown 
Bacon      Hamiltonville  Watertown 
Bacon  Silas      Sterling St (north side)  Watertown 
Bagley    attorney  north side road to Brownville  Pamelia 
Baird  Daniel    laborer  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Baker  Abner  Gen  sheriff office in Farwell & Baker's store  Washington St (west side)  Watertown 
Baker    merchant firm Farwell & Baker  Sterling St (north side)  Watertown 
Baker  Thomas    merchant and agent cotton factory company  Factory St (south side)  Watertown 
Ballard  James    carpenter and joiner works Floyd  bords with P Johnson  Watertown 
Ballard  John    works hamilton mills  Hamiltonville  Watertown 
Barber  Mark    waggon maker works Fairbanks    Watertown 
Barber  Thomas    tinsmith works Otis  State Road (south side)  Watertown 
Barber  William    cabinet maker  State St (north side)  Watertown 
Barber  William    laborer  State Road (south side)  Watertown 
Barber  William    peg maker works Fairbanks    Watertown 
Barrows  Luther    traveling paper and book merchant  boards G W Knowlton  Watertown 
Bartlet  VanSlyke      Woodruff St (north side)  Watertown 
Bassinger    baker  Arsenal St (north side)  Watertown 
Bates  Samuel    merchant near corner public square and State St  Arsenal St (south side)  Watertown 
Beals  Josiah    corporation constable    Watertown 
BeBee      boards American  Watertown 
Beckworth    keeps recess corner public square and State St  boards Perkins  Watertown 
Beckworth  Mrs    Sterling St (south side)  Watertown 
Belduff  Peter    tailor  State St (west side)  Watertown 
Bennett    blacksmith south side public square  Woodruff St (south side)  Watertown 
Berry    plain maker  BeBee's Island  Watertown 
Betts  Hubbard    foreman tailor for Streeter  Sterling St (north side)  Watertown 
Bice  Abram    tanner and currier  Factory Square (near)  Watertown 
Bidwell  Hiram    stone cutter  Woodruff St (north side)  Watertown 
Binsse  John    agent for La Fargeville  boards American  Watertown 
Bissell  Mrs  milliner  Arsenal St (north side)  Watertown 
Bissell  Lanson    saddler north side public square  Arsenal St (north side)  Watertown 
Bissell  Robert    carpenter and joiner  Prospect Hill  Juhelville 
Blank  Henry    keeps billiard table  BeBee's Island  Watertown 
Bliss Sr Jacob    stone cutter  Factory St (north side)  Watertown 
Bliss Jr Jacob    machinist work William Smith  BeBee's island  Watertown 
Blodgett  William    school teacher  boards Eagle tavern  Watertown 
Blondon    barber  State St (east side)  Watertown 
Blunt    farmer  north side road to Brownville  Pamelia 
Bondict  Joseph    cord work Fairbanks  Madison St  Watertown 

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