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Deaths In Northern New York

This collection consists of reports of deaths from a large variety of sources. In some cases the reports are not of individuals that lived in the Jefferson, Lewis, and St Lawrence Counties of the Northern New York area, however they clearly had sufficient ties to the area to warrant a published death notice. We are able, in the majority of cases, to provide the original source reference. Rarely do we have a copy of the original source document. To obtain the source information of a particular record, please use the Information Request page.

Note: Not all of the records in this collection are from published obituaries. What we attempt to do is capture any recorded death regardless of the source (i.e. funeral home records, monument companies, etc.).

Instructions: Since names have changed over time and we don’t always have accurate spellings, it’s recommended that you search for the full surname first. If the name you are searching for isn’t returned, then search by the first 3 or 4 letters of the surname. Soundex search is currently not implemented, so you may want to also search by variations of the name. Results are sorted by surname and then first name.

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