Federal Census

Jefferson County, New York

The 1850 Federal Census is considered the basis for most research since it was the first one to include all individuals by name in a dwelling. However the earlier census provide excellent insights into how an area grew over time. Consequently in our research we use pre-1850 census of Jefferson County to proved snapshots into the early growth of the county and to document the families that established the infrastructure as we know it today.

The first census where Jefferson County, New York was recorded as an entity was in 1810. Using that as a foundation you can trace families as they migrated into and out of the county, as well as within it.

One point to remember is that the structure of Jefferson County has changed over time. For example the Town of Orleans didn't exist until 1825, therefore in the 1820 census those individuals, who eventually ended up in Orleans, are listed in the Town of Brownville. In the earlier Census it is as important to look for the individual county wide rather than in a specific town.

As a note: not all of the Towns have been completed. Once fully transcribed, they will be posted. To understand how our census data is derived , please visit the Census Fact page.

Census Status
Year Status
1800 Town of Watertown and Town of Champion, Oneida County
1810 Complete
1820 Complete - full review in progress

Federal Census for Jefferson County, New York
1810 1820 1830 1840 1850
Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams
Brownville Antwerp Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria
Champion Brownville Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp
Ellisburg Champion Brownville Brownville Brownville
Henderson Ellisburg Champion Champion Cape Vincent
Hounsfield Henderson Ellisburg Clayton Champion
Leray Hounsfield Henderson Ellisburg Clayton
Lorraine Leray Hounsfield Henderson Ellisburg
Rodman Lorraine Leray Hounsfield Hendrson
Rutland Lyme Lorraine Leray Hounsfield
Watertown Pamelia Lyme Lorraine Leray
  Rodman Orleans Lyme Lorraine
  Rutland Pamelia Orleans Lyme
  Watertown Philadelphia Pamelia Orleans
  Wilna Rodman Philadelphia Pamelia
    Rutland Rodman Philadelphia
    Watertown Rutland Rodman
    Wilna Watertown Rutland
      Wilna Theresa