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Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego Counties of Northern New York

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Hearst from the 1800sThis collection currently holds information on over 119,000 burials in the Jefferson and Lewis Counties portion Northern New York and select cemeteries in Oswego County of Central New York.

Not all of the burials in this collection have been photographically confirmed. As many stones have either been removed or have deteriorated to the point of no longer being readable, we may not be able to provide confirmation of the burial.

Use the Information Request Form to request additional information on a burial or a gravestone photograph.

Important Notes:
None of the gravestone pictures are online. They are only available by email using the Information Request form.

The "Sounds Like" (Soundex) and "Exact" options only apply to the Surname. All other search options are handled as "Begins With". Also the "Sounds Like" option is currently only available for Burial Search.

For partial years, at least the first 3 digits must be entered. Unfortunately this limitation will not return those burials where the third digit was unreadable and is indicated by a '?'.

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Don't use spaces as all spaces in names have been removed. Capitalization is ignored.

Start with partial names - generally 3 to 5 letters. If you don't see the individual you're searching for, search again with fewer letters.

Search for variations in spellings, such as Shell, Schell, or Schall, or use the "Sounds Like" option.

Try only the first letter of the First Name or Spouse's Name. Occasionally that is all that's on the gravestone.