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Details Surname First Middle Maiden YoB YoD Age Spouse Town
View Angell Ann Eliza    1841  1927    Lester  Lyme
View Angell Anna Lettie    1862  1866      Lyme
View Angell Lester   1840  1929      Lyme
View Baird Christopher       1865  17y9m2d    Lyme
View Baird Eunice     1891  80y  Robert  Lyme
View Baird Robert C?      1894  81y    Lyme
View Becker Ann   Shuler  1821  1891    John  Lyme
View Becker Bessie       1876  1y2m27d    Lyme
View Becker Cornelius       1848  51y10m    Lyme
View Becker John     1821  1908      Lyme
View Becker Marcus     1904  59y    Lyme
View Becker Mary       1876  76y21d  Cornelius  Lyme
View Becker Milton     1851  9y5m14d    Lyme
View Bedford Augusta C?      1859?  11y25d    Lyme
View Bedford Henry     1858  2y9m?    Lyme
View Bortals Eliza     1889  81y5m  Frederick  Lyme
View Bortals Emery     1874  26y7m9d    Lyme
View Bortals Frederick       1859  54y10m12d    Lyme
View Bortals Frederick       1871  7m    Lyme
View Brand Sarah       1888  54y    Lyme
View Brougham Hellen       1859  34y  William  Lyme
View Brougham Mary       1892  70y  William  Lyme
View Brougham Minnie       1863?  6y6m15d?    Lyme
View Carlisle Hannah Baird    1858  21y11m  David  Lyme
View Carlisle Jay Cady      1857  2m3d    Lyme
View Claus Elizabeth       1854  35y  Abraham  Lyme
View Claus Jacob     1773  1854      Lyme
View Claus Lulu         infant    Lyme
View Claus Mary         infant    Lyme
View Claus Myron       infant    Lyme
View Clemens (unknown)       1879      Lyme
View Clemens Betsey       1840  3y7m5d    Lyme
View Clemens Charlotte       1873      Lyme
View Clemens George       1870  2y    Lyme
View Clemens James       1863  11y    Lyme
View Clemens Malissa?       1865  3y9m?    Lyme
View Clements Chester     1867  22y6m    Lyme
View Combs Eliza Cool?    1868  23y  Ambrose  Lyme
View Combs Elizabeth       1859  74y2m  John  Lyme
View Combs John       1852  77y10m19d    Lyme

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