The Samuel Cronkhite House

Town of Pamelia, Jefferson County, New York

Cronkhite House

A large stone in the gables of this native limestone house bears the date 1820, indicating that the Samuel Cronkhite house was built around 180 years ago. It stands about a mile above Pamelia Four Corners on the road that leads to West Theresa and onto Ogdensburg. Practically nothing is known of Samuel Cronkhite and his wife Sarah, the original owners, except that they purchased the 150.3 acres of farmland, upon which he built the house and barns, from Moss Kent on June 1 1815 for the sum of $1,001.89.

On February 27 1837 Samuel and Sarah sold the properly to Daniel Zimmerman of St Johnsville, Montgomery County, NY for the sum of $ 4,200.

The chain of deed titles to this farm trace back as early as 1800 and the Antwerp Company. Governor Morris, the first American agent for the company, purchased the 220,000 acres of North County land on June 15 1809. Morris then sold 326 lots representing 143,00 acres of his original tract to Moss Kent for the nominal sum of $1. Kent later became an agent for Antwerp Company. One of the 326 lots, which Kent bought, contained the 150.3 acre farm he sold to the Cronkhite in 1815.

Daniel Zimmerman was the brother of Jacob Zimmerman of Brownville. Jacob was born about 1795 and died in 1875. Jacob's wife Elizabeth died May 22 1856 at the age 52 years and 2 months.

Daniel Zimmerman established on the farm a family burial ground 26 feet square, which was reserved in all conveyances from the time he sold the place. This graveyard later called the Adam Flath Farm Burial Ground. The graveyard is but a pile of stones along a backfield fence now. There are a few tombstones used as a sidewalk to this day (visits made June 1998 and April 2008 revealed the tombstones are all face down and unreadable). Reportedly two of Daniel and Lavinia's sons are buried in this family burial ground: Jerome who died June 27, 1838 at the age of 14years 26days and David S. who died March 8, 1846 at the age of 17 years 2 months and 25 days. Ann Eliza Fox, who died in 1847 at the age of 28 years 11 months and 18 days is also reportedly buried in this family burial ground.

In Jan 1848, Daniel and his wife Lavinia disposed of the farm to John Stewart Jr, son of John and Olive Barnes Stewart.

John Stewart was born July 2 1814 in Pamelia and died in 1863. He married Sophia Potter who was born about 1813, died March 26 1875. Sophia was the daughter of Elisha and Polly Steel Potter.

John and Olive Stewart sold the farm to Curtis Goulding, the son of Curtis and Rachel Goulding.

On March 1 1854 Curtis and his wife Mary sold the property to Moses Hoover and his wife Asenath.

On March 1859 Hoover disposed of it to John Cable.

For the next 57 years it remained in the possession of the Cable family.

John Cable of Redwood at the time then conveyed it to his son John in August 28 1899 for the sum of $1.

In March 1916 the farm was sold to an Adam Flath of Alexandria Bay NY.

In 1919 Adam Flath sold the farm to Harold C O'Donnell, an automobile mechanic from Detroit. The property is still in the O'Donnell Family.