Land Contracts by Isaac Bronson
Town of Henderson, New York

Total Number of Transactions = 360

A listing of transactions from the Bronson Collection held by the Jefferson County Historical Society. The documents are financial statements sent to Isaac Bronson by his brother Ethel Bronson on land contracts purchased from William Henderson and cover the period June 1803 to May 1825.

Town of Henderson Land Transactions
SmithAhira1820Balance due $954.48
SmithAhira1823cash payment
SmithAhira1825Due: $1,330.44 - face of contract would be $854.35 simple interest - nothing paid since 1815?
SmithAnsel?1825Due:$204.07 contract given in 1823 nothing paid
SmithAsa1804no payment shown as of 1806
SmithAsa1809Balance due $625.67
SmithBeebe1825Due: $357.11 contract given in 1823 nothing paid
SmithJ1817new co-owner of Samuel McNitt's land
SmithSylvester1822cash payment
SpragueA1817cash payment
SpragueAnthony1809Balance due $196.61
SpragueAnthony1809Balance due $250.37
SpragueAnthony1809cash by Jesse Hopkins
SpragueAnthony1817Balance on account $196.99
SpragueAnthony1820Payments on lands contracted but not deeded
SpragueAnthony1820Payments on lands deeded
SpragueAnthony1820Balance due $216.45
TaylorJob1805no payment shown as of 1806
ThomasColonel1820Balance due $728.27
ThompsonRichard1803no payments shown as of 1806
TubbsNoah1817new owner of Benjamin Hammond contract
TubbsNoah1825Due: $604.41 Mortgage and bond - Bond signed by Samuel Cole & Adonijah Atherton
WallaceJohn1817new owner of John Wallace's land
WaringWilliam1809Balance due $321.79
WaringWilliam1809Balance due $128.30
WarringWilliam1804Paid as of 1806-06-04 $546.41 - first Charles Barrie
WarringWilliam1804Paid as of 1806-06-04 $550
WarringWilliam1804included in contract on Lot 2
WarringWilliam1820Payments on lands deeded
WhiteWilliam1804Paid as of 1806-06-04 $20.00
WhiteWilliam1809Balance due $490.52 - co-owns with James Henderson
WhiteWilliam1809Balance due $1035.71
WhiteWilliam1817Balance on account $625.09
WhiteWilliam1820Payments on lands deeded
WhitneyA1824cash payment $200
WhitneyA1825cash payment $200
WhitneyAmasa1825Due: $1,738.39 - 50 acres sold off to Cyrus Bates at $644.88 - vide Bates contract

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